One Word of Kindness

           If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

             Eat in moderation and observe the tendencies of your mind. Do not follow it helter skelter. Just observe your mind like you are a traffic policeman, watching, watching.

             Negative forces have been stopped. Energy pattern shifts. There will be safe havens where fire is performed. BUILD THE ARKS OF FIRE ON LAND. Homa fire heals now.

      If I am going to take on a task, I am going to be responsible for it. I may delegate part of my responsibility to others but ultimately I am the one responsible for it. Then beyond being responsible for a work, the other thing is becoming responsible for my own thoughts, words and actions, being able to admit when I am wrong. Also perhaps letting someone other than myself admit when I am right. That is, it is better to stay silent rather than point finger in blame thereby stating that “I” am the correct one. All of this is subtle at one stage later on, but at that latter stage it becomes more deadly. It is as the child who does not take responsibility for his actions. He is a child. He is excused for it. No doubt he has to learn this lesson but when that same child becomes an adult, the responsibility becomes more serious and if he is arrogant he is less likely to be excused. So it is like that.

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