Beneficial Effects of Agnihotra on Brain Waves

Homa-Hof Heiligenberg, Germany

Agnihotra has a significant effect on brain waves; it relaxes and can generate such peaceful states of consciousness that are otherwise detectable in deep meditation only!

Brain wave research 1

This was also the conclusion of scientists in India in 1989, who made brainwave measurements (EEG) with several persons during Agnihotra1.

In 2015, further tests were made at the Institut für Kommunikation und Gehirnforschung (Institute for Communication and Brain Research) in Stuttgart, Germany, this time with the latest technology. The physicist and brain researcher Günter Haffelder developed a new method of EEG spectral analysis, which allows detection even of signals of the limbic system (processing of emotions).

brain wave research 2

With four persons, the necessary electrodes for the EEG (electroencephalogram) were fixed in time before sunset. Three of them have performed Agnihotra for many years; the fourth person did not know Agnihotra. Preparing the Agnihotra provided different results according to the emotional state of mind of the subjects. After the singing of the mantra something very amazing showed:
With two people, both hemispheres of the brain were working in sync. With the other two people, a significant change in the delta area became visible, which means switching to an increased perception processing.

Despite the slight activity, the four persons all entered a state of relaxation during the Agnihotra! All four subjects showed this rapid and significant change of brain waves after singing the last sound of the mantra.

The mantra seems to act as a trigger and puts everyone involved in a higher spiritual level of consciousness, which opens other areas of perception.

Striking is the synchronicity of all those involved. This also applies to the person for whom Agnihotra was unknown and who was only sitting there.


Mr. Haffelder, who, over decades, has performed countless EEG measurements during long-distance and spiritual healing, meditation techniques and extrasensory perception techniques from many cultures, speaks of an “unexpected and remarkable result“2.

1. Horst und Birgitt Heigl, “Agnihotra – Ursprung, Praxis und Anwendungen” (Agnihotra – origin, practice and applications), 3rd expanded edition, Verlag Horst Heigl, Heiligenberg 2013 (German only)
2. A detailed description of the measurements can be found in the journal of the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg, “Agnihotra Aktuell“ (German only)

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