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“The Centre of Light is not just another yoga centre or ecology centre or esoteric centre. This is for the generation and regeneration of energies for the healing and protection of the continent of Europe. It is for the energetic healing of the planet. Centre of Light can be a turning point for many who wish to come, as transformation is a near certainty for most people who come and experience this rarified healing atmosphere.”

Dear Friends of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya around the world,

The Centre of Light is being built within the grounds of our Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya and is a project of Homa Therapy Foundation (a trusted 23 year old NGO).  For over 20 years we have served the local and global community by providing tools to heal our planet and heal ourselves. The Centre of Light will help us to expand our reach to hundreds more people every year which will create a ripple affect to create positive change on our earth! 
As Gandhi once said: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.
Each year, as the number of people whose lives are affected by the imbalance on our planet increases, our services are needed more and more. It is our mission to expand our reach and help many more people with the environmental healing tools we provide.

At Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, we cannot stand the thought of turning away individuals who wish to learn practical ways to heal the planet and heal themselves simply because we do not have room to accommodate them. Because of the growing number of people awakening to the urgent needs of our planet, Homa Therapy Foundation in Poland has committed to expanding our international Ecovillage with the Centre of Light so that we may fully serve the needs of all.

To fulfill our mission, we need more accommodation, facilities and seminar rooms for teaching ~ all of which the Centre of Light will provide. 

To build this crucial centre, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the Centre of Light building campaign. All monies raised will be used to complete the building of the Centre of Light. 

Any donation is needed and appreciated, regardless of size. Please, send your donation to Homa Therapy Foundation, so we may expand our outreach and create a positive change for the planet!
With gratitude and love,
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya
& Homa Therapy Foundation

To see our campaign and make a donation, please go to this link:

Centre of Light – An artist’s rendition.

What we have achieved so far with the first stage of building.

So far, we have completed the foundations for the Centre of Light. With the money we are raising for the second stage, we can finish the skeletal structure and roof. This will begin the next stage in construction and allow us to offer natural clay and straw building workshops.

Natural clay and straw building workshops.

Organic and creative spaces which we want to build in Center of Light.

Watch this video for more on natural clay and straw building techniques which will be used in the Centre of Light!

17 days left of our Indiegogo Campaign!
Thank you to all those wonderful people who have supported us so far! Every dollar will go towards the next stage of building our ecological Centre of Light.
We still need your help to share this campaign and raise funds to meet our target. Please Share our campaign so we can reach more people!
We believe that art, music and self expression in many forms can help one to heal and create joy where joy is needed. In our amazing Perks section, you can receive magical music, healing mandalas, handcrafted Arkadian jewelry and handmade Meru Pyramids ~ all made from our creative, eclectic Ecovillage members. When the Centre of Light is running, we will be able to help so many people to find their voices, create their art, and discover the joyful healing power of self expression.

               Healing Mandalas
         Vegetarian Recipe Book

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Magical Music

Meru Pyramid

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