Be Strict with Yourself

          When you are not ‘clear’ do not act. Be strict with yourself. Then there is no pressure. Truly realize that you are not the doer. If you realize that all burdens fall off your shoulders and you will become more efficient, more strongly motivated and lighter. Forget about past. Put all concentration on what work is now at hand. Observe more silence. Really go within for peace you seek outside.

         Fortunate are those who have followed the Light through times of darkness, even in times of great disharmony on this planet. Continue following the Light. Allow no fear. Entertain no doubt. Seek no fame for the work being done through you. Always be humble as a child in all innocence.

         All Grace is bestowed. These are times of great renewal, rebirth in essence. It is time soon to rejoice.

          Listen to the Fire. It is strong.

         Now this work must be done quickly. Agnihotra has to go everywhere. Everywhere. More silence, more meditation. No time to waste. Do this work. No time to waste. Your ego will go of its own accord. Your fears will go.

         We have unblinded you. We have shown you what is a trap before you become too engrossed in it. We have led you from the depth of darkness to the light before you. Now you must make the effort, both of you, to completely change the negative ways of thinking and behaving. DO NOT JUDGE. If the other person begins to blame you or criticize you, do not judge him. Understand. Then practice that understanding. Practice similarly even if you feel pain. This one thing will help you tremendously. Release the past. Release it with all love and forgiveness for the other person. As with a child, take hold of their arm and help them up. We don’t scream at a child when they stumble. We simply help them, encourage them. Have compassion. Do not take pleasure in the other person’s pain. If you see you have hurt someone, stop immediately and give them all love and compassion. Where is the question of taking some perverse pleasure in giving them more pain? This is normal, no? But we have to rise higher than that.

        We know that the dark side exists, certainly, but when we create an atmosphere of healing with these fires, it dispels the darkness. It can completely change the energy of the place and the same place where one has felt the negative forces, one is actually surrounded by the Devas who are protective. It becomes an atmosphere where healing takes place.

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