Agnihotra Fires Taking off in Singapore

Mrs. Betty L. Khoo writes:

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to showcase Agnihotra fires taking off in Singapore. Singapore is an Island City-state of only 224+ square miles.”

Having “waited” about 10 years for Agnihotra, I enthusiastically organized a ‘Healing Self & the Planet with Homa Environmental Therapy’ retreat for the Homa Therapy teachers Lee and Frits Ringma from Australia.”

“They had been invited about one year ago by Alan Wong from Malaysia. Approximately 30 people gathered for this weekend retreat 2 hours away from Singapore.”

“Participants were awed by their experience of watching the sun, a golden orb, rise out of the Sea (South China) as they performed sunrise Agnihotra on the resort’s cliff terrace.”

“Since then, Singapore Agnihotris have grown in number. Those who are committed to constant practice experience innumerable benefits. Singapore Agnihotris endeavour to come together at least once a month.”

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