AGNIHOTRA fights Chikungunya Fever in Mauritius

Sheila Moloo reports from Mauritius Island:
Something terrible was happening in Mauritius. Since last year a terrible infection known as “Chikungunya” fever caused by mosquito bites was affecting thousands of people in Reunion Island, which forms part of the Mascareignes Islands in the Indian Ocean. Being in the neighbourhood, “Chikungunya” did not spare people of Mauritius where about five to eight thousand people were infected by this disease.

This virus infection is caused by a particular mosquito which is active only during early morning and evening. If this mosquito carries the virus and eventually bites a person, that person will be affected by the “Chikungunya”. This virus causes high temperature, inflammation of all the body joints and acute pain. Lots of people have contracted this fever and others are using mosquito repellants to avoid the viral infection.

I performed the Agnihotra daily and discovered its virtues at home. I found that after each Agnihotra, lots of dead mosquitoes would be on the floor inside the pooja hall and outside the windows. I also took to the habit of spreading the Agnihotra ashes in flower pots and in tulsi plants.

With time, all the plants become revitalized and beautiful. My family members are not affected by the “Chikungunya” fever. I have been meeting people in my workplace, friends and other devotees, advising them to start the Agnihotra. Its virtues are extraordinary. I hope that gradually this knowledge of Agnihotra will be spread so that the island will be free from diseases. This is the message I want to share with friends worldwide.
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