Resonance Hut in Organic Farming

(Some likely explanations which the scientists need to investigate further.)

One Eastern European scientist said that in nature a lot is based on resonance. In dry soil resonance effects may be less far-reaching than wet soil. With Resonance Point technology we are thinking about improving soil to grow more food. Also getting rid of toxic substances may be easier in water or wet soil. The molecules of the toxic substances have to be broken down and for this, the electrolytes present in water are of great importance.

You need more energy to neutralize toxins in the air than water or wet soil.

Can we analyze how toxins are split down in Homa atmosphere of ten pyramid resonance system? Are some biological structures influenced in such a way to help break down these toxins? Planet earth is considered a living organism. Experiments testing the soil for pH value and examining the varieties of microorganisms can be another test. Measurements can be taken in certain time intervals before and after the start of Homa Resonance Point system. Resonance will help to split poisoning chemical molecules.

Resonance will build microorganisms. Loss of microorganisms is a big problem in agriculture now. Percentage of O2 is getting less and less. For breaking CO2 into carbon and oxygen, a lot of energy is required. Plants do this job normally.

However, areas covered by forests are getting smaller and smaller. Equally important are the oceans for production of oxygen. The algae in the seas produce the major quantity but now seas are dying.

It will help to study the HAARP project of USA, Alaska by which a lot of energy is brought into the atmosphere by a lot of small antennae which creates a certain manipulation of the ionosphere. This can have an effect on the weather of distant countries and also on minds of people in large areas.

Of course, this is the negative aspect of resonance technology which we do not want. But this shows how resonance mentioned in Homa Farming technology may be a beneficial tool. Experiments made by US help us understand how mantras affect our brain. These tests should examine the range of 10 to 100 gigahertz.

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