We are Living in a Very Difficult World

    We are living in a very difficult world. There is much pressure and strain from every direction. Everyone is searching for cures for this and that. Let us not be shy. Go forward with Agnihotra.

   There are disturbances in the atmosphere now. We must all be prepared for an influx of people turning to Agnihotra as their last resort. We will turn away no one. That influx begins. You will notice even as individuals and much more on a large scale. You do not see the whole picture. If one person comes to you and many will, each person should be given equal respect and concern as if they were a whole country of people requesting knowledge of Agnihotra.

    Total destruction can be averted. Man can recover what has been lost. He need not lose all. We must approach this tense situation with all understanding and love for mankind. At the same time we must be strictly scientific in administration of solution.

      Agnihotra is ancient science. It is not a meditation. It is not religion. Anyone can apply it to daily life and still continue following his own religion and cultural customs and beliefs. Work is non-stop now.
     Desire creates a coloration that distorts reality and prevents us from attaining that higher level of consciousness which results in inner peace and harmony, peace of mind. Once the desire is fulfilled another desire is born. One is drawn to others on the spiritual path not to fulfill desires only but to join with another soul in working together towards the light. This kind of soul connection is quite divine. It is not found through fulfillment of desires. In fact, this preoccupation with desires, e.g. sexual desire, can block what the soul is truly to receive. Then one can meet the wrong person but because of desire, assume the person is the “true love”. Desire only begets desire and misery follows.

     Now I tell you. It will be bliss and joy in the later years. First the struggle. The destruction has come. Out of that will be born a world of bliss and peaceful co-existence. We worry about nuclear war. That will not happen. But destruction, pollution, floods, war, famine, violence; is this not the nuclear war? Agnihotra is the way out. Those homes in which Agnihotra is done will become like oases. It will be like water in the desert. Let Agnihotra be the teacher. Just discipline and Agnihotra. That will teach you that very little effort is required.

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