These are Most Difficult Times

November 6, 2020 Shree Vasant
(received by Parvati in meditation)

These are most difficult times in the world. All that was foretold is coming to pass. You who were told before, should not be so surprised.
Rather, respond to events and circumstances with an even temper, a measured gait, a calm heart, a clear mind, and move as one in UNITY.

These are divisive times that pit brother against brother, nation against nation, races against races. And it is the race of time!

If your moral standards are strong and your faith grounded, you will move through these great difficulties with relative ease.

Honour each man as your brother.
Every woman as your sister.
Do not be swayed by party politics and senseless rhetoric.
Do not give into fear.

We are nearer now.
See the Light before you.
Take heart.
Move in Light, toward the Light.

Gather your beloved ones and move together
In unwavering love.
In unbreakable Unity.
In untiring wisdom and Grace.

In these times of uncertainty, hold true to that which you know is real and whole.

Blessed, blessed, blessed you are
All. Love


November 8, 2020 Shree Vasant on Oneness
When you come to realize the oneness or UNITY of all beings, you suddenly realize truly that what is done to the least of us is done to all of us.
Therefore, the suffering of those in distant lands, at war or suffering from cataclysmic events, those suffering abuse, those suffering illness – you come to truly know this Oneness.

On Daily 12:00 Noon Healing circle
Every day at 12:00 noon when you do Vyahruti Homa and chant Gayatri Mantra, the prayers you say not only reach their goal, but boomerang back the blessings of your intention to heal.
Continue those sessions. Perhaps have a list which can be read even prior to lighting the fire.

All things can be manifested at sunrise and sunset, but our intentions shall only be ”Thy Will be done.” Healing, if it is Divine Will.
Your only part or role is to offer this love, in being willing to send these loving prayers into the atmosphere.

No attachment.
No expectation.
Only Love.


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