Self-importance Must be Knocked Out

It is this self importance that is to be knocked out. That is why we are keeping away.

Plan but leave allowances for things going wrong. Remain one-pointed.

You get out of these bad habits immediately. Let nothing stand in your way.

What is in the soul is only a different form of God’s beauty. It is constant. It never changes. Man is secure in non-change. The only constant comes from the soul. From the Divine.

One should give with one hundred percent love and care for one’s family but guard against the attachment to circumstances that by nature are prone to change. Eventually on any spiritual path one’s sense of security has to be clearly on a higher level — not based on if money is there, if husband or wife is there, if children are well, if job is secure, etc.

You have to grow up now; with that comes responsibilities you have to face. Your honesty is like a child’s. There is such innocence about you like a child. That is beauty, the innocence. You can retain that childlike quality and still be strong and responsible, efficient and hard working. Seek to help others in everything you do. Don’t be afraid to grow. You have to simply surrender; then your words will comfort; your presence will be calming. Once the hand is held by the Divine it is not dropped.

Regarding the body, though there is cause for concern, there is no cause for alarm. When one is concerned, one seeks solutions and takes action. When one is alarmed, one tends to worry and takes no action. So be concerned. Then get proper diagnosis and go to work to make best use of alternate healing. There are many tools.

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