On the Material Plane All is Confusion

            On the material plane all is confusion, all disillusion, all illusion. Once you rise higher there are no separations. What you are experiencing at present is very difficult for you to assimilate while attending to material matters.             

         Never, never become satisfied that you are doing for others and you are therefore a great person. If indeed you are great you need not know about it. Let others say you are good but always note aloud “I am not the doer. If I bring you any peace or calm in your life it is not any will but the Father’s Will and I am not to be honored. It is HIS honor. Not my own.”

                    This anger, this criticism, judgment, ego all can go with one wave of OUR hand. And it shall be thus. Continue your efforts in acceptance, love, forgiveness, compassion and when it is the time We will wave Our hand and all will be completely gone. That means more effort and very quickly it goes. If someone speaks negative do not hear it. Say “I don’t want do hear it” or better “I do not hear it”. Then let it go. You better concern yourself with what you say rather than your reaction to what another person says.

                       You have to recognize and understand the reason for your being here. You have to grasp it more consciously and express it clearly in your life. All trivialities should go so that the pure light shines.

                      If you truly become full of love, that alone is sufficient. Through that love, anyone with whom you come in contact will feel the healing vibration of love. Can you imagine the positive effects if you let go of fear, refuse to give in to anger and maintain a positive state of mind? Then GRACE escalates. Love is the most powerful energy available.

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