Many Chances Are Given at This Time

       We are entering a new time period where for our people and those following spiritual path, things will be made easier. Burdens will be lifted. Many chances given at this time. There is no turning back. We must go on. It is important now to complete things which we have begun.

Right or wrong we must bend and bow in all situations. We must work on our desires, to lessen them. In some cases this means working out Karma. There is no other way. In other cases, the desire is lifted.

         It is in His hands, not ours, to shape the future. We must only be as pure and devoted as it is possible. Then what comes is His will. If we take sides and become involved in crises with our own ego, we suffer. Remain silent on such matters. Do not invite trouble. Trouble is enough without your invitation. Each of us has his own Karmic situation. We do not need more added to that.

           What is known as "fulfillment" in life can only come when one reaches a stage of non-attachment to whatever happens. Pleasure or pain, ideas of gain or loss, one remains unattached. This is TRANSFORMATION OF MIND in the direction of TOTAL LOVE. Mind is the instrument of our bondage and we have to learn to turn it into an instrument of liberation.
To do this, both body and mind have to go through some type of discipline. Here AGNIHOTRA is the greatest material aid one can find. It helps the body, the nervous system, circulatory system, the brain cells, etc. It also helps reshape the mind in the direction of total Love.
The Fivefold Path of ancient wisdom is based on these principles to make the journey of life an endeavor of joy.

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