International Day of Yoga Celebrated in Piura, Peru

International Day of Yoga in Piura was organized by the Piura County and Yoga Teacher Karen Espinoza.

(Opening with a Vyahruti Homa, Ms. Karen is the first from left.) 
Prof. Abel taught therapeutic yoga exercises, simple asanas with synchronized breathing in the acoustic shell of the ‘Parque del Niño” in the center of Piura.

A small observation: In ancient times much importance was given to the place where Yoga (asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc.) was practiced. The following places were suggested:
–  the forest  – the fields   – the mountains – by the river side     – in the temples – Or anywhere where AGNIHOTRA is done to ensure that the atmosphere was sufficiently fit and pure to receive the benefits from these disciplines.
Today it is very difficult to escape air pollution. Even the penguins at the poles  cannot escape, since the toxic gases expand around the globe. However, wherever Agnihotra is practiced, toxicity is neutralized and it is an ideal place for the practice of Yoga.

 Then, there were also short talks from various speakers, about the origin of Yoga, its benefits for body and mind, the need to be vegetarian from an energy point of view, etc. We also shared healthy snacks.

    The International Day of Yoga  had given us the necessary push to continue practicing this discipline at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes before Agnihotra. These exercises make us feel better physically and with each practice we are more flexible and stronger.

With Agnihotra, we receive a subtle food that allows us to experience Deep Relaxation and feel the Joy that comes with Inner Peace.

    Every day people (if their work allows) are participating with more enthusiasm in the Therapeutic Yoga exercises combined with Homa Fires (AGNI-YOGA)
 to feel better.

During Agnihotra we chant the Mantra
"OM SHREE", sending Light and Healing to the world…

Agnihotri Giuliana Sotillo says: "We always look for something to help or be helped. 
Homa Therapy is the way."

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