Homa Therapy Tour in Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Abel and Aleta recently visited Puerto Rico promoting and teaching Homa Therapy.


      At the airport of San Juan, Eng. Matthias Erismann and his wife Ayrad waited for us to take us to the home of Mrs. Barbara Rogers.
    These 3 wonderful people (angels in disguise) are truly Light Workers, completely devoted to the Homa Fires and with the fervent desire to help people on the island through this ancient healing technique.
They were our hosts, companions, guides, helpers and brothers at all times.

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation towards them. Photo top (from left to right): Abel, Barbara Rogers, Gabriel – grandson of Matthias and Ayrad- Mrs. Ayrad Dubocq, Matthias Erismann and Dilip Palakaladinna, who with his lovely wife Keerthi were guests in the ‘Casa Picaflores’ of Dona Barbara. They are also Agnihotris.

Photo above: evening Agnihotra with guests in Casa Picaflores (House of the Hummingbirds).
Photo below: Eng. Matthias and his wife Ayrad, organized a meeting with their neighbors in Cubuy where Abel and Aleta shared an audio visual presentation of the effects of Homa Therapy in the areas of health, agriculture and ecology.


   In Huamaco, Eng. Matthias Erismann  had organized a Homa Conference with the RAMA group, brothers and sisters in the path of consciousness and meditation. Several of them are also practicing organic farming.
 (see photos)

Photo left:
Meeting for the teaching and practice of the Agnihotra Fire in the County Hall of the town called Las Piedras.
Here we heard the first testimony: Ms. Marilyn Lopez  related that her French rooster had always been very aggressive and now with the practice of Agnihotra has become surprisingly friendly.


      A group of organic farmers in Luquillo was interested in knowing more about Homa Therapy. Thus, Prof. Abel showed them the advantages of applying Homa farming technology and Aleta taught the correct practice of Agnihotra.


Ayrad and Matthias Erismann are the owners of the wonderful organic farm ‘Shangri-La’ (see photo series left ) situated in the hills, from where one can see the capital San Juan and the wide ocean. They grow vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, etc. However, some diseases and phytosanitary problems are common everywhere in Puerto Rico. Their desire was to become Homa farmers and so a Homa Resonance Point (HRP) was installed.

Ayrad and Matthias have been practicing Agnihotra for 10 months. Now they also promote it.

They learned this ancient healing technique with Mother Barbara.
Photos above: Ayrad and Matthias learning and practicing Tryambakam.
Matthias is already preparing cow dung cookies for the growing number of Homa practitioners in Puerto Rico.

  Activation of the farm as Homa Resonance Point in the presence of the owners and their farming assistants Heriberto & Francisco.


  There was an audio-visual presentation of Homa Therapy and its benefits in the environmental, health and agricultural fields in the University ‘Colegio de Ingenieros de Puerto Rico’ (Engineers Association of Puerto Rico), located in Hato Rey.

     We could practice and enjoy an outdoor Agnihotra, which enveloped the busy minds in profound silence. Since there were many questions, the meeting continued until all concerns were cleared and everyone left very relaxed and happy.
     Homa Therapy is a new, but ancestral knowledge. Its’ practice is simple and easy and it changes ones life positively. (See photo this page of the University in Hato Rey.)

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