Homa Therapy Activities in BoticaSol, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Homa activities in BoticaSol accompanied by the music of Anandachi, include teaching of Om Tryambakam Homa to staff, etc.  and informing about: Homa Therapy in times of energetic and planetary movements”

The universe has made itself felt. In the span of this year 2019, the energy manifestations – the product of planetary movements such as eclipses and equinoxes – have represented challenges for people who, from their sensibility, express mood swings, certain health conditions and existential crises, among other things.
To face this phenomenon, Homa Therapy continues to be our greatest protection and recovery tool for internal balance. We see it reflected in those who come in search of support of the ancestral Ayurvedic medicine of bioenergy and who manifest feeling healed and revitalized after living the experience with the Homa Fire.

As it is known by our participants in Colombia and the world, at BoticaSol, we celebrate the main moons – Full and New -with continuous 24-hour Om Tryambakam Homa Fires.
In these times we saw the need to include the Crescent and Waning phases, counting in this way with a complete celebration of the moon phases.

New health, wellness and humanities professionals have joined BoticaSol from various areas of knowledge such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Bio-decoding, Art Therapy and Environmental Culture.
In turn, new spaces have been born within our Solar Matrix as the live radio broadcasting program Radar BoticaSol with the presence of special guests, on issues of health, culture, spirituality and well-being. All of the above is permeated by our transversal and essential axis: Homa Therapy! We continue on mission!
Meet us every day at BoticaSol, with Agnihotra at 5:30 p.m.!

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