Fires for Peace, Ledenitzen & Carinthia, Austria

In the FIRES for PEACE event in Ledenitzen, with over 100 participants, the effects of Homa Therapy were explained and its practice taught. Agnihotra was presented by Thomas Konezcny, Maria Magdalena Schleicher and special guest, Reiner Szcypior.
(Reiner, along with his wife Manuela Sindler, taught Homa Therapy for many years in northern India.)

In the FIRES for PEACE event in Carinthia, at sunset, there were 56 Agnihotra Fires burning for Peace. During the night, several hours of Tryambakam Homa were performed. The next day, several people returned to experience sunrise Agnihotra. This great event was organized by Mrs. Daniela.
(See photos above and to the right of the event Fires for Peace in Carinthia, Austria.)

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