Agnihotra on ‘Gavisa’ Farm in Togo, West Africa

Marco Brutschin (Photo right with his friend Komla, a farmer in Togo, West Africa) shares his experience:

       "My farmer friend Komla from the village Yépévié, Kpalime in Togo,  told me, that after starting with Agnihotra, despite the current drought, it rained heavily on his farm, but not in the surrounding areas.
    It has also helped him greatly with his health.
I asked him to write something about his experiences with Agnihotra for the Homa Newsletter and here are excerpts from his letter:"

"In 2011, we started working on this place where the farm is now. The soil is very poor. We bought it because we could not find a better place next to a river. Practicing and applying all our knowledge of organic agriculture, we have always tried to improve this dead soil.
   When Marco Brutschin (from Germany) came in January this year, he gave us training on biodynamic agriculture and taught us the technique of Agnihotra (photo below on the farm ‘Gavisa’).
     He said that Agnihotra could help revitalize the soil, among many other things. As I am a seeker, I have taken the teachings of Marcus seriously. With the arrival of the first rains in March, I have seen an unusual phenomenon:
   There were some small spots of insects throughout the farm. I have consulted other farmers since I did not know what that was. One of them told me that these insects are found only in the very fertile soil of mountains or forests and he said that it seemed curious to see them in such infertile land. In five years it is the first time I have seen them around here and I think the Homa fires have played an important role in their appearance.
       The practice of Agnihotra also helped me with another problem. Since 2014 I have often dreamt about my own death. As I’ve had premonitory dreams many times, this began to disturb me psychologically.

Before leaving Togo, Marco did Agnihotra on our farm, followed by a meditation. He left us all the materials to continue this practice. I started doing Agnihotra and meditation in the mornings and evenings, but not every day. And in less than one week, I noticed that I had no further such disturbing and bad dreams. And this continues till today."

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  1. I am moving to Ghana from America soon.
    I have been practicing living with agnihotra for over 25 years and I am opening an Agnihotra yoga ashram in Ghana. Yay!
    I would like to be in touch with anyone that is doing agnihotra in Ghana or any part of West Africa.
    Please send me connection and pass my information on.
    Abundantly grateful
    AUM Shree

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