Agnihotra: A Social Sculpture, Caracas, Venezuela

Gustavo Leon writes from Caracas, Venezuela:

      "I am plastic artist and practitioner of Homa Therapy since 1999 in Venezuela. I am sending this email with photographs of events called "AGNIHOTRA: A Social Sculpture", which has been ongoing since early this year in the museums: African American Museum (MAA) and Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Caracas by the Civil non-profit Association “Colectivo 5 Umbrales”, which is directed by Ingrid Ruiz and myself.
        “AGNIHOTRA: A SOCIAL SCULPTURE” is an art proposal in the contemporary language of performance art.

 Photos show "Agnihotra – a social sculpture" activities in the MAC on 3rd and 17th of Sept., 2015

It is a pyramid gathering where Agnihotra is practiced and the public is informed about the benefits of Homa Therapy. We have adapted the pyramid gathering to present it within museums as a particular art performance that we have called Action Art Ritual (Live).
    Thus, we are achieving institutional alliances that have given us access to media and museum spaces, in order to practice the Homa fires and give conferences for free."

      "The dynamic is as follows:
“Colectivo 5 Umbrales”, calls the Agnihotris, and the museum offers its facilities and summons the public. We have received valuable support from several Agnihotris, including Irma Garcia (from abroad) Aquiles Mendez, Tania Barreto, Mary Fuentes, Beatriz Hillsberg and others, who continually come to these pyramid gatherings.
       What we have been doing this in the Contemporary Art Museum continually, every other Thursday since August 6th. There also have been a three conferences. The last one with Dr. Aquiles Mendez as guest speaker. The conference had the title "Memoirs of a Possible Future: Art, Agnihotra and Science – with Aquiles Mendez and “Colectivo 5 Umbrales”. This was on Thursday, October 15th, 2015."

 Photos show the "Agnihotra – a Social Sculpture" activity in the MAA on 6th of March and 3rd of July, 2015.

      "The “Colectivo 5 Umbrales” is comprised of a team of artists and healers. We collaborate in informing to raise awareness of the Human Collective through exhibitions, workshops and events. We are committed to the realization of the Fires and to inform the community about Homa Therapy in urban spaces. We believe that inner work is essential in solving the problems facing the contemporary world.
           We propose a space to re-establish balance and responsible awareness in what we deliver to the world. In this sense, Homa and Agnihotra in particular, have been the cornerstone of our work since its inception in 2011. Om Shree."

 Photo left:  "Agnihotra – a Social Sculpture" in the MAC on October 1st and

photo below: in the building Tajamar in the Central Park on September 17th, 2015.

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