Everyone is Getting Strength Now

         Everyone is getting strength now for the work to be done. Each person is given a task to be carried out. You are to do great work on this planet. For this reason you are being spun to get all the ego out of you. But you must know why. All strength is being given to you. You want to postpone your own liberation. But your good Karma does not allow for action against you. We lift you up high by other means that are invisible to the eye.

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           When you practice Tapa, destiny changes and by Grace, ego is whittled away. All temptation, all desire is removed by Grace. Thus you become more capable to fulfill your allotted task. Then peace and bliss just rain on you. Continue reading “Tapa”

Devotion Has to Come

          That devotion has to come. It has to always be there, in good and bad times. In life you will experience both. But once you reach a certain level they become one and the same. Pain becomes irrelevant. One experiences pain but it does not devastate the person. It does not bring you down. It lifts you higher. Bliss like you have known comes through pain like you have never had before. It is like that. Continue reading “Devotion Has to Come”