Release and Transformation

How short is life. One chooses to carry the heavy burdens of resentment, the gnawing of old fears, the jealousies, the envy, the longings and desires. Burdened by all these things, one still seeks freedom of liberation. But what one has to realize is one has to begin to consciously release one’s burdens. There is no other way.

To combat the sting of resentments one must cultivate an attitude of gratitude and practice radical forgiveness. Seek to be totally honest with yourself.

If you want to be totally free, you have to make total effort, to invite total transformation.

It is not done analytically, theoretically. Letting go of long-term resentments requires faith. It is not the other person who you do not trust—it is you whom you do not trust.

Interesting. All you see in others which you find difficult to bear is often, if not always, a reflection of something similar within yourself.

Focus fully on training the mind.

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