Health Can Improve with One Hour Homa Daily

        Health can improve with one hour Homa daily. We are fortunate today to have such a method of healing. Of course if you continue to abuse your body with bad foods or cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc., you will find contradictions in your lifestyle. You’ll have to choose one way or the other. At that point Agnihotra will aid in making a right decision. Life’s problems catch up to you quicker, the faster you live your life.

       If you go into the right habits it becomes so simple. There should be a yearning in your heart for this. It is such a simple thing. Do not discard it. It is easy to fall back, to miss a meditation time, to neglect to take shower before Agnihotra. If it comes like this you call someone who is doing all the disciplines. See if you can spend a day with them.
This is helpful for you in your case. Reach out for help from others doing the disciplines if you begin to fall down.

When you show someone Agnihotra whether they are going to practise it regularly or once in a while is not your concern. All you can do is plant the seed. The outcome is not your work. You can encourage regular practice of the fire by extolling the benefits you have received but further you cannot do much.

     Practice of Swadhyaya will reveal exactly what points need to be given more attention – exactly what to work on – whether it is one’s attitude, behaviour, one’s habits or attachments. A little attention to one’s own self study will bring clarity. It is good to keep oneself in check. This does not mean becoming over analytical. It is simply heightening one’s awareness. The ultimate aim in self development is what we call AT-ONE-MENT. There, of course, service results. One becomes an instrument to serve others. Then it is all joy. But one does not reach this stage by intellectualizing, by analysing, by dissecting oneself. It is a process simply. So Agnihotra begins this process and gives it a boost. One then practices Daan to reduce attachments. Then Tapa to discipline body and mind. Then Karma to sow seeds of positive action all the time. You reap as you sow. You may have to pay for past actions, so at least create now only good. Then SWADHYAYA, intensive self study. This is done in a number of ways, one being through the aid of meditation. Swadhyaya is not done only on the thought level. Meditation is most beneficial to quiet the mind so that true realization can dawn.

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