When You Practice Tapa Destiny Changes


If you think others should practice Tapa, self-discipline, you practice Tapa. If you want others to do good unto you, do good unto others.

Learn from your own experiences. What makes me happy? What brings me greatest joy? You will find many times it is when we are truly serving others that a great feeling of fulfillment comes over us.
When you practice Tapa destiny changes and by Grace ego is whittled away. All temptation, all desire is removed by Grace. Thus you become more capable to fulfill your allotted task. Then peace and bliss just rain on you.
First face the inner self and practice TAPA with all strength of being. Increase Yajnya. Release all negative feelings and resentments. Very quickly you will be filled with love. This is the greatest of all healing agents.
Practice Tapa of smiling even when feeling sad.

Relax, move and turn off the worries and anxieties just as if you had a faucet and turn off water that was flowing out. Then replace those thoughts, worries, fears with REPETITION OF HOLY NAME.

Love is the answer. Love is the key. An army of Soldiers, spiritual Soldiers, will be needed to fight now. They must be dedicated to the sole goal of achieving Love within all the Spheres and without. WE MUST NOW FULFILL OUR DESTINY. The time has come. Many people will be after us now to help them save the planet.
You make effort to be full of love and all is given. Your every moment can be filled with Divine Love. In silence every answer to every question will come. This work is sacred and you are doing it with devotion of which you are not fully aware. It is this work which cleanses your past karma. If you are in one instant full of love everything else is erased. This is Grace.

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