You Must Forgive, Forgive, Forgive!

October 21, 2018 Shree
(As received via Parvati during group silent meditation at Bhrugu Aranya)

FORGIVENESS is the hallmark of all healing. Until you are willing to forgive anyone in your life — past or present — who has harmed you in any way, you simply cannot heal fully.

It is like insulating your home and leaving the center of that home with a hole in it, then, wondering why you are cold. To fill that hole, to ensure full protection, you must forgive, forgive, forgive!
Only thing preventing you from full forgiveness is EGO.
So, you have to decide who you want to live with in your life. Who do you want to put in charge of your life? Who will you put in the driver’s seat? Your ego? Then, there is no guarantee you will succeed. Your soul? Then, you must FORGIVE.
The soul allows for Divine to sit in the driver’s seat, knowing, trusting full well that Divine will guide your every move through life. And with that element of SURRENDER, one feels true, absolute FREEDOM.
Otherwise, it is only EGO tricking you. “I want this, I want that” like a small child who has not yet learned to temper those desires. That is normal development, but as one ages, one begins to learn the Power of Discrimination — the difference between right and wrong. And one begins to steer one’s life in this more logical direction.
Once one truly begins to walk on spiritual path, one comes to know there is a higher power greater than his/her small self. One begins to truly desire to do Divine Will.
The art is attuning one’s free will to that of Divine Will. Then, Almighty makes use of all one’s talents, one’s natural gifts, one’s innate and learned abilities, one’s dreams, one’s visions—and co-creates one’s walk through life. That level of Oneness is rare and a pure state of being.
One develops trust and faith in Almighty Father, Divine Mother, and releases one’s fears, one’s hesitations, one’s personal baggage of emotions, and one’s hard learnt confusion, one’s doubts, one’s insecurities. Once you realize you can and will be totally free to follow Divine Will, the freedom is intoxicating. It is so ecstatic.
At this point, one is fully alive, pulsating with a greater love than that which bears conditions and expectations.

One begins to truly walk the Path of Light with all love and grace. And this is within the power of all of you seated here.
Be patient with yourselves, where you are on spiritual path and where you wish to be. As long as you are moving toward the Light, toward the Oneness with Divine, you are moving in line with your soul.
Be aware. Be diligent in your pursuit of TRUTH. Learn, when you stumble, to say “not this.’ Get up and start again.
There has never been a greater time in history to be moving into Light. Despite all the setbacks of world political reality, climate and natural disasters—there has never been so much of a great push toward the Light.
May you walk in Light always with love and blessings.

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