Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Human Health

        Previously we have covered the effects of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy on our environment (atmosphere, soil, water resources), on plants and agriculture, on biodiversity and on animals.
Now let us look into the implications of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy for Human Health.

Homa Therapy is not just one more interesting natural way of healing like homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, etc.
Instead in our time of terrible overall pollution it has become an important, even necessary basis for all such good methods of natural healing. (This is quite similar to Homa Organic Farming, which is also not competing with existing forms of organic farming but instead is a necessary basic tool for any kind of organic farming.)
Why is that so?
Recent studies based on World Health Organization data are quite shocking. One such study shows the percentage of deaths related to environmental pollution.

You can see on the map that one of the most polluted countries is India.
An earlier study done at Cornell University, New York State, U.S., even concluded that 40% of all deaths worldwide are caused by environmental pollution.

"David Pimentel, Cornell professor of ecology and agricultural sciences, and a team of Cornell graduate students examined data from more than 120 published papers on the effects of population growth, malnutrition and various kinds of environmental degradation on human diseases.
“We have serious environmental resource problems of water, land and energy, and these are now coming to bear on food production, malnutrition and the incidence of diseases, said Pimentel." (From:

As this Cornell University study also considers the effects of environmental pollution on food production and malnutrition the pollution related deaths are higher as compared with the percentages shown on the map above.

           A recent study by World Health Organization concentrates on the effects of air pollution on children’s health. According to that study 93% of children live in environments with air pollution that exceeds WHO guidelines, and as a result every year approximately 600.000 children die of air pollution.
Commenting this study, the Director General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said:
“A clean and healthy environment is the single most important precondition for ensuring good health. By cleaning up the air we breathe, we can prevent or at least reduce some of the greatest health risks.”

A copy of the full study can be seen at:

Nine of the ten most polluted cities in the world are in India. The situation is worst in New Delhi. Especially in winter the situation is so bad that Arvind Kumar, a lung surgeon at Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, said: “… the situation today is a public health emergency. If you want to protect people, we should be ordering the evacuation of Delhi. Closing down all schools. Closing down all offices.“
But this is not going to happen. Of course lung doctors are doing their best to treat patients who come with breathing problems because of polluted air.
Still, even the best therapy can only treat symptoms. It cannot remove the cause, that is environmental pollution.
A recent study done in China shows that not only physical health but also mental health is affected by air pollution. A summary of the study says:
"We find that long-term exposure to air pollution impedes cognitive performance in verbal and math tests. We provide evidence that the effect of air pollution on verbal tests becomes more pronounced as people age, especially for men and the less educated. The damage on the aging brain by air pollution likely imposes substantial health and economic costs, considering that cognitive functioning is critical for the elderly for both running daily errands and making high-stake decisions.”

Again, doctors cannot fight the cause of the problem. They only can help to reduce the symptoms. So the question is – what can people in such places with high environmental pollution, especially air pollution, do? At least they can purify their own houses with the help of Agnihotra.
Homa Therapy by purifying our environment removes the cause and thus builds the foundation for whatever good therapy.
Basic tool of Homa Therapy always is Agnihotra. Agnihotra reduces pathogenig bacteria and other pollutants in the air and purifies water resources in the vicinity. We are breathing in healthy air and drinking pure water – thus building a strong foundation for good health.
The above summary of different studies shows that we all have to purify our environment for good health. Homa Therapy gives us the tools which are available to everybody and at least we can start creating a healthy atmosphere at our homes.

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  1. Hola, soy de la ciudad de La Plata, Argentina, practico Homa y Agnihotra hace unos 10 años. Tengo la inquietud de formar un grupo para hacer las ceremonias regularmente. El problema es que no se consiguen pirámides para tal fin. ¿ se podrán importar ?

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