Stay Focused on the Light

(Message received through Parvati, Bhrugu Aranya, Poland)
In this world, there will be many who would turn against you. Stay focused on the Light. Never be fooled by those who would distract your attention from what is right.

When you know who you are and why you are here, what is your highest work to accomplish in this life, let nothing dissuade you or cause even a ripple of fear to break through your innate calm.
Those who carry the Light to others are often fair game for those who are fueled by jealousy, greed or envy. Stay focused on the Light.
Circumstances may vary throughout one’s life on Earth. Do not be swayed by circumstance or tempted by position or authority, by the lure of ego or fame. Stay focused on the Light.
We have given you Our word that We will always be with you. That will never change. Once the hand is held, it is so.
These are difficult times in the world, not only in your individual, personal lives. The planet is in a state of upheaval on every level, from a challenged environment to a troubled populace. Stay focused on the Light.
Explore ways to better your lives, to strengthen your resolve, to champion the positive and refuse to become drawn down into negative thinking or hopelessness. While there is breath of life, there is always hope, for the present and for the future.
Take the time to go within, to listen to the Silence. Listen. Listen. Listen.
Savor every moment of inner peace, as it rises from within you. Let it shine for all to see.
Embrace change, even when it throws you initially, and creates a momentary sense of imbalance. Find your balance once again and move forward with Grace. Stay focused on the Light.
Be kind in thoughts, words and deeds.
Practice Fivefold Path with intention and devotion.
Through all trials and tribulations, never allow a moment of fear to enter your heart. Have supreme faith in Almighty, and you will find yourself being lifted above the fray, carried by Grace through all things in life.
Love and Blessings to all.

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