Family Communication

Without family communication that allows for every member to communicate the result is loss of family unit. It is the same around the world. Families disagree. Parents become too rigid in trying establishing customs or uphold customs that are considered antiquated to the youth of today.

The young people become angry because unless the parents are highly developed examples to follow, they find all the flaws in them. The parents in turn try to tighten the reins and what happens is the family is lost. So in that case what is better? A family that is lost or a family willing to listen and come to compromise even for the sake of maintaining the family.

Do whatever is in front of you to do. Do not even worry if the mind wanders. Simply catch it and bring it back to the tasks at hand. Never mind fantasy.

Remember, to be an instrument one must be totally humble. That is from heart. To be humble does not mean like martyr, self-sacrifice. To be humble is to regard this human frame as a vehicle through which the Divine can operate. And this is service. THIS IS TRUE SERVICE. One can do many wonderful acts in service to the Divine, but one must have that humility, true humility, in order to rise higher in this life.
One does not make progress by making excuses. One makes progress by being humble and also by TAPA. Before taking any other TAPA one should at least perform AGNIHOTRA on time every day. Then apply TAPA by doing meditation timings and YAJNYA (HOMA) and keeping one hour silence per day. Be sure that one hour does not inconvenience anyone so that in doing so one is not garnering more attention instead of less attention. IF THERE IS NO HUMILITY THERE IS NO GROWTH.

Force will only negate what one is attempting to do. Never force your will on another human being. It is a severe mistake when that is done. Then we carry the burden, the Karma for that action.

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  1. Sir we are chanting mantras of gaytri, mahAmrutunjaya mantra for 10minutes after agnihotra. But it is suggested to maintain silence after agnihotr… So which is correct. Plase suggest.

    1. After Agnihotra it is the perfect time for silence and meditation. But there is no rule about this. It is also good to practise Pranayama at that time. And also good to chant Mantras. Each person can decide what he or she prefers.

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