What he is going through now is, in a sense, a part of the ego dying. The fight is holding on to the ego and all of its trappings. Always the ego has choices. No one can interfere in these choices. One makes the choice to follow the ego further into disillusion and one must pay the price for such folly.

When one consciously chooses to follow the way of the Master or the spiritual disciplines laid out for him all his life, then and only then can one reap the joys that are to come to him. Always aspire to that higher level.
Always you have that free will and in the past you have exerted that free will quite readily. You are always free to choose.
Instead of thinking of oneself as something special, one should feel that it is some privilege to be utilized as an instrument for this work. This prevents the ego from being nurtured.

Concentrate fully. Do not give in to desires. Walk away from temptations for now the forces opposing Us also increase in power. Refrain from desires, lust, anger, greed. Then all will be given by Grace. This is the time now.

There are those highly devoted people who live in the material world, who participate in earthly fulfillment, but their focus is not that. Then sex, for example, becomes an act of love, not only lust. Without attachment one can live in this world yet one’s focus stays centered in the holy, the divine. Focus on the work. Get out of this mundane way of thinking, when all the mind does is to create desires and seek to fulfill them.

You go a little higher and all becomes joy. This is not for future. This joy is within you right now. Once you are filled with this love everything changes. With such a love there are no expectations. ONLY LOVE. Pure and simple. It is waiting for you. Make the effort.

Importance of Agnihotra goes beyond scientific explanation. It gives a link with the Almighty. When you see past the physical you begin to think of what importance this is. Through Agnihotra many will be brought home.

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