All Our Sense Organs are Focused Outwards

       All of our sense organs are focused outwards and not inwards. The sense of touch, the sense of sight, smell, etc., all these five sense organs. Then the body gets used to finding pleasure through these sense organs. All the time the body is trying to seek pleasure by making use of these senses to procure material things and specific situations. So that means, we have to take care how we feed all these five sense organs, so that this ‘I am the body’ consciousness is not more fattened and it is reduced. Continue reading “All Our Sense Organs are Focused Outwards”

Purify and Simplify Your Life

         Concentrate on being pure of thought, word and deed. Purify and simplify your life. Learn to think of others and less of yourself. Less and less and less. Then emotional problems, faults, inconsistencies, fears, bad habits, all disappear.

         If you begin thinking about the other person, you have no time to think of your own frailties. No doubt you should be aware of them but do not dwell on them. It has the same effect as the person who thinks he is perfect. He struts around the stage of life totally unaware of his effect on others and others’ needs. Still the same, if a person walks around thinking he is terrible, feeling depressed he has no time to listen to others’ problems. Same thing and the same effect. Think of others to get rid of your ego. Continue reading “Purify and Simplify Your Life”

To Change Another Person’s Perspective

           The most effective way to change another person’s perspective behavior, attitudes is by your own example. If the person is judgmental towards others, once you notice this fault in them, let it go. Otherwise you are also in danger of doing the same. Then show acceptance and tolerance to that individual. Do not be afraid of the person, what they will say or do to you. If you are reacting with love where is the question of fear? Continue reading “To Change Another Person’s Perspective”

To Rid Yourself of Negative Habit Patterns

       To rid yourself of negative habit patterns replace them. Concentrate only on positive thoughts. Positive actions will result. Get out of these material worldly desires.

          You need not focus on the negative aspects of your personality. We are not concerned with the personality — except as it is used as an instrument to uplift others. Concentrate and focus all energies on this Fivefold Path work now. Rebuild yourself with intensified meditations.

Continue reading “To Rid Yourself of Negative Habit Patterns”

Go More and More into These Disciplines

       If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

       So many people suffer now in the world. Everyone has his own Karma. You may look at someone and think, "How ideal his/her life is." Then you do not know what troubles they already have, what is to come to them. So never look at the next person and think like that. Envy does no person good.

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Agnihotra – not of any Religious Origin

        We do not claim Agnihotra to be of any religious origin. It is a tool which allows us to become more understanding of the problems of others, the problems we are faced with in the world, the negativity, the air pollution. This itself enables us to become more full of love. Hence science paves the way to the Kingdom of Heaven which lies in each of us.
     This is the answer to be given to all the universe.
      Let the planet vibrate the message of love. Let Agnihotra be taken to all people, all across the globe.
         If you think others should practice Tapa, self-discipline, you practice Tapa. If you want others to do good unto you, do good unto others. Learn from your own experiences. What makes me happy? What brings me greatest joy? You will find many times it is when we are truly serving others that a great feeling of fulfilment comes over us.

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Answers to All Questions are Given in the Vedas

              The answers to all questions are given in the Vedas, but the interpretation of the Vedas has often changed the TRUTH to suit the masses. There is great push now toward the LIGHT. The AGNIHOTRA fire will spread now in very fast way all over.

            You go into more strict disciplines. Then you become free.

             Negative forces have been stopped. Energy pattern shifts. There will be safe havens where fire is performed. BUILD THE ARKS OF FIRE ON LAND. Homa fire heals now.

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Do Not Try to Control

         It is in trying to control that we breed attachment and create Karma. You are to be free. Only way you can be free is to let go. No worry. No fear. We will catch you. We have you by the neck now. All you will do is rise. Then it is all peace and bliss, love and joy, knowledge and wisdom. All this will merely come by doing service and chanting your mantra. When you chant the Mantra, Divine Power manifests.

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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven

       Those who seek personal gain only find their own destruction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto thee. Let not seeds of past desire confuse the state of happiness you are still capable of reaching. Surrender and “Thy will be done.”

     You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others. If you feel quiet, be quiet but always be smiling.

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