Because of the extreme cleansing of atmosphere and charging of all energies present people will begin to feel their inner cellular structure changing. They will call it by other sensations or senses but it is that. Cellular structure is changing. This is as ORION has instructed the beginning, of the shift into the ‘Light bodies’. People in these special places will start reporting visions. Also in photographs Light will appear, strange shapes of Light will appear, also discs of Light and what appears to be another body behind the body that is physically present.

     The wicked destroy themselves with their own karma. You have been sheltered and protected from the world all this time. You were told not to worry, not to fear; everything will be taken care of. Can you imagine being in the world, desperate and Vasant says ‘no need to worry’. For some these words are all they need to hear. How many times they were spoken to you? You have got such a big ego. You ask how one becomes humble. You cannot “think humble thoughts” or “do humble deeds”. It is just something that develops in the heart and it comes from love and faith. Don’t ask for anything but forgiveness.

      Cows that live in Yajnya atmosphere, especially those which are born in Yajnya atmosphere, give very pure milk. It is like you are given medicine when you drink the fresh white milk, when you burn the dung, use the breath and the urine. Also, the cow is a good worker. They can be of much use on a farm.

      To be used as an instrument with so much work that is required, one must develop greater humility, honesty and DEVOTION TO SERVICE TO ALL PEOPLE.

      Pace yourself. If you are tired then work steadily rather than too fast, too hard. Keep pace regular. Do Mantra.

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