Devotion is the Key

    You can receive your great healing power where you are. Devotion is the key. When things disturb you, go to your room and be silent because otherwise it affects the whole atmosphere. You must be considerate of others, particularly your child.

    When you are given all Grace why do you fear? We take away the fears yet you still look for them. It all depends on you. We give you Love and strength. You must use the tools or they go to rust.

        Do not worry. There is no cause for worry. It is like the threat of a disease. You are told beforehand what to do to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Now if you listen you will find simple answers to all your questions. Just do the disciplines and all will be taken care of. This is for your own good.

    Most people are unhappy because they search for happiness in the material world which can only multiply their desires and never satisfy them.

    Man tries to become happy by detaching from his intellect, e.g. taking tranquillizers, pills of "happiness." This is not correct. Man should use his intellect to detach himself from the impressions of day-to-day life. This is the right use of intellect.

    Refine those characteristics which are more rough for the people. Let the outward display of emotions reflect the inner Light. Display only the positive, never the negative. Cultivate patience and tolerance of others. We know who you are. Others know what they see. To better enable these others to see more clearly the Light, simply allow what is inside to come outside.

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