Agnihotra has to go Everywhere

         As the world becomes more difficult and pressures become great due to pollution, everyone suffers. Suffering becomes less when one turns the mind in the direction of love. Through Yajnya (Homa), Agnihotra (the basic Homa tuned to the biorhythms of sunrise/sunset) and principles of ‘Love thy neighbor’ one can overcome and rise above these same pressures. Do all this with utmost sincerity and now is the time you will rise much higher, much quicker than ever before.

       Now everywhere you go, do Agnihotra. Do it openly and those who are ready to receive this ancient healing technique will come to you. No need to go out and knock on doors. People are drawn to the fire. Let it be in that manner. We are not recruiting people. This is not a group seeking members. Agnihotra is a process through which spiritual growth is heightened but Agnihotra is not just for this. Whole planet can benefit from its miraculous effects.

      Now this work must be done quickly. Agnihotra has to go everywhere. Everywhere. More silence, more meditation. No time to waste. Do this work. No time to waste. Your ego will go of its own accord. Your fears will go.

     All the time the mind wants to escape the nectar and go into the world of these sense desires. All the time. Many suffer in the world with no idea why they suffer. At least, if you choose the life of misery, you know you choose it. To have that awareness alone is precious. To make the right choices is even better. So one must learn to take joy in the spiritual life.

Conduct yourself like you would an orchestra, all instruments tuned properly, in perfect harmony. Strive for perfect harmony.

If you are feeling fear, tell Us those fears. Then let them go. Fear will not help you. Take action. Do Mantra.

Answers you seek always in meditation you will find.

Through YAJNYA and meditation develop an attitude of forgiveness.

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