When Faced with Your Own Mortality

Master Shree Vasant,
during the 1st Somayag,
before entering the river Narmada.

Shree 17th December, 2016
(Message received by Parvati)
When faced with your own mortality, when loved ones are passing away or family members are leaving, instead of focusing on your own death, focus on your life. Many of you will live long lives, many years beyond this moment. When you allow your mind to ponder over your own death, you miss the present moment. Look instead at your life.

Am I living according to my beliefs?

Am I being true to myself in all I do, in all I speak and, ultimately, in all I think and feel?

Am I kind? How can I be kinder?

Am I loving? How can I widen the sphere of people in my life who can receive love through my instrument?

Am I fulfilling my allotted task in my life, my own Vikarma?

Am I honoring my wife? My husband? My parents, my children, their children?

If you have been blessed to know what is your Vikarma, concentrate now on fulfilling that VIKARMA. It can take many ways to fulfill. It can look one way and then another.

Choice of fulfilling one’s Vikarma lies with each person. No amount of prodding can move them to do it. It is a calling from within, not a calling from outside to fulfill.

Every day—how can I help? How can I serve?

How can I fulfill my true Vikarma?

Reach out to people. The time is NOW.

Focus on life and don’t miss a beat.

All love and Blessings.


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