Agnihotra at ‘MaYu’ Natural Nutrition Center, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Arriving in Miami, Florida, Vet. Dr. Carla Cossyleon picked us up and took us to West Palm Beach, where we arrived just in time for Agnihotra, which could be shared with some members of the Homa tribe at ‘MaYu’ Natural Nutrition Center.

         It was a tremendous joy to celebrate Agnihotra after 2 years of absence. Again, almost daily for 2 weeks with this group of dedicated Agnihotris, listen to their testimonies and feel their joy and hope. Several new people started with the practice of Agnihotra.

Photos from this page of various Homa encounters in ‘MaYu’, which is under the direction of Dr. Mario Chávez and his wife Yuri – first two from the left.

A Homa Anti-Stress workshop took place in ‘MaYu’, where we also learned some  simple relaxing physical exercises. We shared Agnihotra and at the end of the workshop a healthy meal, lovingly prepared by several of the participants.
Photos right & above: ‘Homa Anti-Stress’ workshop at ‘MaYu’.

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