Where is the Question of NOT Feeling Joy?

Practice this today.
Where is the question of NOT feeling joy?
Do Mantra. Let only HIS words come from your lips. Wait before speaking as if you had a filter between your thoughts and your speech. That filter screens your thoughts and only allows those of Purity and Light to come through. You come to know that you are the thought, the word and the filter. This is how you learn control of speech. Continue reading “Where is the Question of NOT Feeling Joy?”


       Because of the extreme cleansing of atmosphere and charging of all energies present people will begin to feel their inner cellular structure changing. They will call it by other sensations or senses but it is that. Cellular structure is changing. This is as ORION has instructed the beginning, of the shift into the ‘Light bodies’. People in these special places will start reporting visions. Also in photographs Light will appear, strange shapes of Light will appear, also discs of Light and what appears to be another body behind the body that is physically present.

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     No arguments. No quarrels. All the time go out of the way to complement each other. Make positive comments about the other person. Care for each other’s needs. Concentrate on pleasing the other one. Spend time together. Concentrate on showing each other love and appreciation. Never harsh words. Heal each other physically, emotionally, spiritually. All levels. Do not hold back the love, affection, the caring. All the time practice this. Go to the extreme to compliment and honor each other. Do this.

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Practice of Swadhyaya will reveal exactly what points need to be given more attention – exactly what to work on – whether it is one’s attitude, behavior, one’s habits or attachments. A little attention to one’s own self-study will bring clarity. It is good to keep oneself in check.

Master Shree Vasant at the Feet of His Master, Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj. Continue reading “Swadhyaya”

Agnihotra has to go Everywhere

         As the world becomes more difficult and pressures become great due to pollution, everyone suffers. Suffering becomes less when one turns the mind in the direction of love. Through Yajnya (Homa), Agnihotra (the basic Homa tuned to the biorhythms of sunrise/sunset) and principles of ‘Love thy neighbor’ one can overcome and rise above these same pressures. Do all this with utmost sincerity and now is the time you will rise much higher, much quicker than ever before. Continue reading “Agnihotra has to go Everywhere”

Devotion is the Key

    You can receive your great healing power where you are. Devotion is the key. When things disturb you, go to your room and be silent because otherwise it affects the whole atmosphere. You must be considerate of others, particularly your child.

    When you are given all Grace why do you fear? We take away the fears yet you still look for them. It all depends on you. We give you Love and strength. You must use the tools or they go to rust. Continue reading “Devotion is the Key”

When Faced with Your Own Mortality

Master Shree Vasant,
during the 1st Somayag,
before entering the river Narmada.

Shree 17th December, 2016
(Message received by Parvati)
When faced with your own mortality, when loved ones are passing away or family members are leaving, instead of focusing on your own death, focus on your life. Many of you will live long lives, many years beyond this moment. When you allow your mind to ponder over your own death, you miss the present moment. Look instead at your life. Continue reading “When Faced with Your Own Mortality”

Be Efficient with Time

     Our army is being trained to move all over the world. This army of Love, no weapons, no enemies. Only Love and science of Yajnya. Our aim is to rejuvenate the planet from the roots to the heavens. Through the agency of fire this atmosphere surrounding the planet will be healed.
 What is required now is one pointed attention and intensity of Mantra and the fires we do. Continue reading “Be Efficient with Time”