You Have a Choice

(Guidance received through Parvati.)
Are you having meetings altogether, not to plan or to address problems, but to chant Mantras together, to sing or to study Fivefold Path aloud altogether?

This is important now. It is time to strengthen and shore up your resolve. It is a time to focus inward.

Though the world around you may seem like it is crashing in upon you, you do have a choice. You can run from room to room closing all the windows and doors and huddle in the corner in fear, or you can increase your mantras, your prayers, your meditations.

Then, gather together to remember Shree Gajanan Maharaj and the sacred words which He spoke. All of the answers are in the teachings of Fivefold Path. Hold a short study group amongst yourselves. They have started that practice here at Bhrugu Aranya and it has been quite inspiring.

As well, We have suggested that the people here write a Gratitude List of 10 things they are grateful for each day. Then, further, we have asked them to read them to each other or to another person. This is also a way to begin to look at what it is that makes me grateful and this can only lead to a deeper sense of humility.

When the world is in such chaos and crisis, you have to remember you are living in this world. So, the outer world will no doubt have some effect on you. There is no separation between human beings. Ultimately what happens to one happens to all, on some level. Understanding of this brings the dawning of a deeper compassion. Then, one shifts one’s consciousness from thinking of oneself as a victim of circumstance to being one who is the recipient of eternal Grace.

Sometimes, that Grace may not appear as such, but Grace will always appear.

        Therefore, Our suggestion is that you all increase your practices, your Mantras, your prayers, your meditations, your singing, your music, your service. This will strengthen you and protect you, as you move through this period in life.

We are fully aware of the circumstances which you face. Always there is a choice—to face these circumstances with grace and equanimity, or with fear, anger and sorrow!

Dear children, always choose to walk the path of Light, and in so doing, be afforded Grace of Almighty Father at every juncture in the road of life.

All love.
All blessings.

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