Creating a Homa Sanctuary for Small Wild Animals

Mary Alexandra Brito
Cerro Azul, Panama

Since I was a child, I have always been connected in one way or another with nature.
My first encounter with Homa Therapy was on the terrace of a house surrounded by a mountain filled with trees. The power of Homa Therapy was shown to me by being able to observe the breathing of the trees. This occurred in 1995 and since then I have been connected to Agnihotra.
I am a person who has always come across wild animals, I have found them on my way to assist or accompany them in one way or another.

Seven years ago, we arrived in Panama and settled down on a mountain near the city called Cerro Azul. In Panama, you still have the opportunity to meet a great variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. In the surroundings near the city, one can see ñeques, sloths, monkeys …
The place where we are is located within a national park, so it still conserves a lot of vegetation and wildlife.
The animals come to our home to share. There are some who arrive just at Agnihotra time.

A humming bird usually stops by to sing a few minutes just before sunrise Agnihotra and a momotus, a medium-sized colored bird, usually makes his presence during sunset Agnihotra.
Photos right:
1. recovering momotus;
2. momotus;
3. sloth bear with her baby.

Different types of wild animals usually arrive at our place like tamarind titi monkeys, ñeques, solitary cats and olingos at night; different types of birds; we have a toucan nest and at least two toucans are born every year.
We are sure that they feel the healing and protective Homa energy of our place and feel sheltered.
There are other houses nearby, where this does not happen and we are not in the middle of the jungle.

Photo: Olingo, cuatequil, nocturnal animal, usually
a family of 3 visits us.

Sam, tamarind marmoset monkey; photo taken upon receiving him with a wound in his mouth and some missing teeth.

On the other hand, animals often arrive in need of medical assistance or special attention, many of them staying permanently, depending on their condition or until they can be released back into the wild.
In the last year we have been fortunate to have the company of an owl, four monkeys and different birds, many of which have been returned to the wild.

Photos right: owl Kumar, tropical owl, of the smallest species. Photo 1. taken at his arrival; photo 2. Kumar changing his feathers

We are currently raising two baby squirrels that fell from the nest near the house. When we found them, they were hairless, and now they opened their eyes and are starting to eat fruits.

Photos: 1. baby squirrel before and 2. the two babies when opening their eyes

The water that we give to the animals and plants is activated with the healing Agnihotra ash. We also spread this ash all over the ground.

Golden opossum, weasel, possum
Hannah, Mona titi tamarind; photo taken at first contact when we went looking for her, we found her on the road, sadly already tame. Sam and Hannah being united.

Pelican in recovery

Tamarind titis with family,
they usually come to visit daily

a solitary Nasua (mishasho),
visits from time to time

I am just now waiting for the veterinarian to assist a little monkey (photo right) who came to our house with a large wound on her face that needs stitches.
It is one of the many animals that have come seeking assistance.

We are on our way to settle into a larger place where a Homa Resonance Point will be established.

Also a refuge/sanctuary will be created for the wild animals of this region and reforesting the area with native trees will provide them with food.
We are in the process of creating a legal entity in order to receive formal support.
(If you would like more information and feel in your heart to support Mary Alexandra in her unconditional service to these animals, please contact her at <>. Thank you very much.)

1. baby bat
2. recovering black vulture or buzzard
3. Geese, the one on the right is ours, the one on the left is in recovery, it is from the lake nearby.)

Photos – left: hen raising ducklings
right: the duck behind the goose is one of those that were raised by the hen. They are now three months old and are still looking to sleep with their hen mother.

If you are one of those beings who connect with nature, surely, when doing Agnihotra, you will be guided. Nature, constantly benefiting from the Homa Atmosphere, makes its signals even more tangible at specific (and aleatory moments) through the extraordinary presence of beings that are not often found in the place or, for example, the birth of a plant usually tells you that you are doing well! You can count on the constant assistance and tangible presence of our mother GAIA.
There are so many blessings. OM SHREE OM

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