100th Birth Anniversary of Shree Vasant

13th May 2021 is the 100th Birth Anniversary of Shree Vasant.

Sarvajit Paranjpe, Shree’s grandson wrote:

13th May 2021 is the 100th Birth Anniversary of Shree Vasant. Shree Vasant was one of the disciples of Parama Sadguru Shree Maharaj who was commanded to share the message of Fivefold Path and Agnihotra. Message was simple, “Heal the atmosphere, and the healed atmosphere will heal you.”
Many people all over the world perform daily disciplines recommended by Him; the performance of Agnihotra and various healing Yajnyas. He promoted Environmental Sustainability and Self-Sustainability. He revealed to us the path to love and caring for Nature.

Always, Shree Vasant encouraged people to live in higher pursuits, which enlightened their lives.
His words were always of hope, encouragement, and upliftment. Shree Vasant had wonderful kindness and intense sympathy towards all.

To see the online Celebration and the short video clip on HIS life, please see:

13th May 2021 Shree Vasant on birthday
(Received through Parvati)

Our message is simple. In present conditions in the world today, one must be steady in one’s practice. One must be true to one’s path in life. There is no time to lose, no time for sitting on the fence.

Walk in Light. Leave all fears behind you and stay clearly focused on the Light.

Light these fires throughout the world. One flame lights the next, until all around the globe there are fires of love everywhere.

From flame to flame, it is all GRACE OF ALMIGHTY.

Agnihotra should go to all people, high and low, rich and poor, of all races, religions and creeds.

As Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj has told:



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