Agnihotra and Homa Community During COVID-19

Northern NSW

Well, it started with the whole COVID lockdown- basically no-go to gather in public places, so I thought, okay – “Community at Home, Sunset Agnihotra,” who is in? It was definitely a great way to feel the circle .

Slowly, off and on, it became possible to either gather at the community gardens in Mullumbimby, or each at home for Sunset Agnihotra, or both.

Performing Agnihotra at the Mullumbimby Community Vegetable gardens.

Lately I’ve been aiming to anchor Tuesday Sunset Agnihotra, Circle of Healing Fires – to promote the power of sacred healing Fire  wherever people are, and to also feel the support of the extended Fire circle.

It’s because I reckon we all really need fire in our lives. For me it’s essential. Agnihotra brings everything together and It cleans up our aura and gives back to nature. It brings relief, healing and inspiration, the warmth of love and safety and clarity.

A couple of times there has been a world event or global meditation, or just recently celebrating a 20 year around the clock Om Tryambakam Homa in Tapovan India. Coinciding, I’ve organised a far reaching circle of friends to connect and co- create a seamless 12 hour Om Tryambakam Homa – getting our time differences correct , and lighting up five minutes before our one hour time slot with Vyahruti Homa first, then on the hour continuing with Om Tryambakam Homa, each of us taking turns for our hour, even though we are countries apart!

It has been an amazing telepathic experience each time, quite surprising and very confirming of our invisible web of connection.

I recommend to everyone living in countries where the restrictions are still on, get on the phone and get the roster going. It’s a wonderful experience of friendship, healing and community.

May inspiration and love and healing flow to all, and may the sacred Fires burn bright in our homes and our communities.

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