Events Have Changed the Course of History

(Message given through Parvati)

December 31, 2020

        Now this is the end of a pivotal year in the history of humankind. Events that took place in this past year have changed the course of history and created new avenues for the world, in communication, in cooperation and in transportation! Indeed, the changes have been quite severe and a reduction of travel, a reduction of interaction between people has erupted. We see these changes as temporary, though not without profound effects.

     Those of you who are in possession of Agnihotra materials, if you are not already practicing Agnihotra regularly, it is essential to begin this practice for the health not only of you personally but of your family and the land upon which you live, the environment which surrounds you — for the air, water and land resources on the planet. Agnihotra has a profound effect on humanity and on Nature, that cannot be denied.
     Now, these effects will increase. Many people will come in the year to come, 2021. People will realize they are in need of calming, centering, and reviving techniques which will help them to heal on every level.
    The research being done currently involving these initial ‘trials’ of vaccines are non-conclusive and though it remains each person’s individual choice whether to partake of such vaccines as preventatives against the current Covid virus, still We cannot in all clarity condone its use. More ‘trials’ need be conducted and more research, not only in the vaccine use itself, but in the disease as it morphs into another similar version of the original virus.
       Being proactive, wearing masks for example, is an alternative. There are those who feel there is no real epidemic, but there apparently is. There are conspiracy theories behind conspiracy theories. There is an element of truth in many and as much in others of the opposite persuasion.
      Concentrate on your own healing, on your own self-awareness, on becoming more whole and focused on the Light. Follow your own intuition.
Stop reading what others swear to be true and follow your own inner light!
   Rest assured, those of you who bear the healing fires as given via Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, hold the key. Share wisely and widely. Yet always allow for others’ free will.
Reduce attachments.
Increase your times of meditation and prayer.
Gather in small groups with intention to send these prayers to the world.
      Fire is the element which will propel change into the next dimension.
Fire and water.

Blessings to all.
We are,
We are with you always. OM.