Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 8

Maria Magdalena Bernales

Part 2

Excerpt from the book,
“Yoga and Meditation for Children”
written by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby.

 Do you remember where we left off the story of Bindy and Bandy?
Here is how it continues:
“But who was that at my window?” Bandy thought, and then he asked in a very shaky voice. “Who is there? Who is that? Who is it?” A little golden light shown like a star just below the petunia plant by the windowsill. Bandy looked closer.
He was curious now.
   It wasn’t a star; it was a bright little light. “Open the window, it’s cold in the night.” Spoke a teeny tiny voice from the little bright light.
  Bandy pushed and pulled, but the window would not budge! He tried again and was just about to give up and say “I can’t”, when the little voice from the light said: “No, no, no, never say ‘I can’t, first you say ‘I can, I can. Then smile, count to 10 and try it again! Go ahead, try it and see”.

Bandy scratched his head. This was all so new to him, but he smiled a sleepy smile and quite out loud he counted to 10. With a light push the window was open wide.
“That’s better” said the little voice. “Well, who are you?” Bandy asked, “And where are you from? You woke me up from a dream, you know”. The little light shook and shimmered and changed into a tiny elfin“I am from that star beyond the trees, above the roof. See, by the light over there near the moon”.
Bandy’s mouth was wide open and his eyes were very big. He was so surprised.

     “Where I live, we are all friends and we sing to you and we always dance. When you’re asleep by the light of the moon, we send you good dreams and watch over you”.
Bandy smiled and tucked his head down into his chest.
     The little elfin continued to talk in light little words, almost like a song. “On our star, we think we can and we never ever say we can’t. Even if it’s hard, we try and try and try and try and try”. “But why?” asked Bandy. “Because, if you think you can, you can!” replied the little elfin.
     “Well, some things you definitely can’t do, “Bandy added looking rather stern. “For example, I’m sure I cannot fly”.
“Well, of course there are some things that you may not do, like flying without wings or dancing on your knees… but we don’t ever say ‘I can’t, because you never know when you can!”
    Bandy thought, “It will take some time, but I’ll try. Every day I will try”. The tiny elfin smiled and her light beamed and shone. “If you ever get where you think you can’t and you just don’t know what to do, sit down and sing this little song and it will come to you:
Tiny star wherever you are
Shine your light near and far.
I think I can,
I think I might,
I will, I may, I can alright

    Bandy began singing the song, smiling to himself. This was the tune he always used to sing when he was “feelin’ good” but he never knew the words. Now, at last, he knew!
The little elfin winked and blinked and just like that, was gone. Bandy felt he’d made a friend.
    Just then Bindy turned in his sleep and rolled his sleepy eyes at his brother, who was sitting by the window tapping his foot and humming the song of the stars. “Bandy, Bandy. I had a dream last night. I dreamt I saw a bright shining light. But it is so hard to remember it all. What do you think? What was it I saw?”
     Bandy smiled and said with a laugh. “It must have been a light of the night. Maybe an elf from a star in the sky”. Bindy shook his head and went back to sleep. It was Bandy’s secret he would keep.
“I think I can,
I think I might,
I will, I may, I can alright!”  …and Bandy’s eyes closed with a smile.

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