Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, January 2021



Homa Therapy News – Jan 2021

  • Agnihotra…a game changer for humanity and the planet
  • A workshop on Agnihotra; Barker’s Vale, Northern NSW,  March 6th 2021
  • Agnihotra in France
  • The healing effect of Agnihotra on our animal friends
  • Can Agnihotra neutralise unhealthy levels of EMF from Electricity and Wi-Fi ?
  • The importance of pure cows ghee for Homa Therapy
  • Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre Australasia
  • Zoom Agnihotra Workshops every Friday fortnight at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa
  • Contacts for Homa Therapy in NZ, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines



Carol and Jay – Barkers Vale, Northern NSW Australia

‘Hi, Carol here. I was introduced to Agnihotra in August 2020 but had no idea what the significance of the pyramid and fire was about. I first discovered the healing power of this medicine when I was gifted and applied a balm of Agnihotra ash mixed with honey as a body scrub. I immediately felt and noticed the difference in my skin after using it. This triggered my curiosity, so I went ahead and ordered my kit from Om Shree Dham and immersed myself into everything I could find to read and watch on Agnihotra healing Fires, Shree Vasant Paranjpe and Homa Therapy.

Refining technique. This is the mudra recommended for offering rice into the Agnihotra Fire

My partner Jay and I moved to the Northern Rivers NSW country in March 2020, to a farm where cows are living a grass fed and free roaming life. We decided to start collecting cowdung, commenced the drying out process and began to learn the sunrise and sunset Agnihotra Mantras. By September 2020 we were actively performing daily sunrise and sunset transformational fires, however noticed that it was sometimes difficult to light and if it did light, the fire would smoke a lot making it uncomfortable to sit through the process. Lee Ringma suggested the cow dung may not be ‘cracking dry’, so we bought some dung biscuits from Om Shree Dham and immediately noticed they were much dryer than our dung biscuits and they lit and burnt easily (lesson learnt!). The minimal smoke produced was soft and fragrant, and breathing it in I could easily take a deep full breath as it cleared and opened my lungs. It also helped to clear the negative chatter of the mind.

The lovely presence of cows in the paddocks next to us. Easy access to cow dung!


Prior to Agnihotra we were experiencing difficulties in our relationship and found that as soon as we performed the Fire, we would be calmer in ourselves and our conflicts would simply dissolve. Not only would we feel the calmness we also noticed that the whole environment would become silent and peaceful. Our cats will often come to the space and sit for the whole process.

Jay feeding the cows

After the fires, we noticed the cows were more settled in the paddocks and we would often leave the hut to find wallabies, kookaburras and a chorus of cicada’s around us. We have discovered new species of wildlife and an increase in birds around the house as well.  When we arrived at the new home we had a handful of swallows visiting us.  Now after performing the sunrise fire, we regularly count up to 100 swallows sitting on the telegraph wires over our lotus pond and then they seem to disappear for the day to go about their business. [If you zoom into the photo you can see them].


If you look closely there are scores of swallows perched on the wires

In the past we have dabbled in growing our own food and have never produced much to live on, however, since practicing Agnihotra daily, we planted some seeds and to our amazement have yielded the biggest crop of cucumbers, chard, onions, beetroot, rocket, tomatoes and coriander that we have ever grown. [See photo of cucumbers and how big and juicy they are]. We used no pesticides or herbicides only sprinkled the Agnihotra ash and made some Agnihotra ash water to spray on twice a week and that seems to have been enough to produce an abundance of food…so far so good!!


Abundant big juicy cucumbers

I made a balm of Agnihotra ash with ghee and used it on a mole on my foot that I didn’t like the look of as it had changed in colour and grown in size. I have been applying the mixture to the mole frequently and it has not only reduced in size, the colour has also returned to the normal colour of a freckle. I will continue using the mixture until its completely gone.

Jay has expressed a calmness in his mind and an increase in energy, enabling him to get back to more physically demanding tasks. He shares that the tension in his body and joint pain has diminished considerably since regular practice of the healing Fires. Recently he had intense pain in his elbow after a day working on the land, to the point he could barely move it. We applied the Agnihotra ash/ghee mix and within minutes he felt a warm band around the area where the balm was applied and the pain was gone.

Healthy plants and vegetables

 Given the economic climate and world stage we are living in, like most, the energy of 2020 has been quite turbulent for us. Maintaining a consistent mindfulness and spiritual practice up until September was almost impossible as my mind would take me into all things “I should” be worried about. Performing twice daily Agnihotra has literally reawakened my practice, and the profound depth of spiritual reality I experience after each Fire, has encouraged a ‘knowing’ and trust to my inner wisdom and life purpose. Being connected with the fire brings peaceful resonance, that carries me though the day with clarity, centredness and a fearless trust to keep moving forward. I find I have a deep relaxing sleep every night and even remember my dreams.  I have more energy these days than I did in my 20s and feel centred and grounded in a world that is in chaos, fear and terror. Not saying I don’t have my moments of frustration, sadness and fear.  I just know now that in one small Fire that can take as little as 10 minutes of my time twice a day, is a way to break out of the grip of these lower vibrational feelings.

This is the beginning of a whole new journey for us and we are excited how the future is unfolding now that we have this incredible sacred tool to assist us in life. We have only been practicing Agnihotra for just over 3 months and with the personal experiences we have had, along with reading ‘Homa Therapy  Our last chance’ by Shree Vasant Paranjpe and ‘Messenger of the Sacred Fire’ by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg, I am totally convinced that this practice is a game changer for humanity and our planet.

‘Messenger of the Sacred Fire’ is an extraordinary and inspiring book available from our on-line shop

Although I cannot see the energetic biosphere, the evidence of our planet’s polluted air and waters have been heavily documented through scientific research and in the media. Climate change is a discussed topic in all communities. I have often felt hopeless in my attempts to support the healing of our environment, given the depth of the issue we face as a human collective. I have read that the planet has at least 6 inches of acidic soil, so it’s no wonder we need all kinds of chemicals to grow the food we eat. I now have renewed hope and have read and experienced that with a daily practice of Agnihotra, the pollution levels are normalised and food grows in abundance with little or no support needed from harsh chemicals.

Carol planting corn seedlings with Agnihotra ash imbuing the soil with life-force and micro-nutrients

I honestly believe that if every household were to practice Agnihotra in any way, even once a day, then as a collective we will notice a vast improvement in energy, healthier relationships, better health & wellbeing, and the planet will heal and return to a more sustainable balance. We don’t have time to wait and hope for a better future, we have to be active in making our future better by healing ourselves and our environment. I can honestly say I am excited about the future now, when only 4 months ago I felt there was no way out.

Double rainbow highly symbolic of the realistic hope Agnihotra provides

Lee and Frits Ringma of Homa Therapy Association od Australia have been so helpful in guiding us through the initial part of this journey and continue to support all the community of those interested in making a difference to their health and environment through Agnihotra healing Fires. They have a long history of experience and were blessed to have direct training from Shree Vasant Paranjpe. They are so generous with their timely responses to any questions we have asked, and the fortnightly Zoom calls they provide are loaded with teachings and guidance on how this phenomenal, simple, and powerful process of healing our bodies, minds and the planet can be achieved by all.

Thank you Lee and Frits for your continued support, commitment to this sacred Vedic super science that has been gifted to the planet. The cost of this practice is so small in comparison to the abundance it offers in many areas of life.’ Carol & Jay, Barkers Vale, Northern NSW, Australia




This workshop will be conducted by certified Homa Therapists, Frits and Lee Ringma. Please contact our hosts Carol and Jay for details.




Mukhande performing Agnihotra

Mukhande: “February 2019, I came back to France after a 6 months journey in India and Australia, an insightful journey of inner teachings and outer marvels, that ended up in such a luminosity, when I met Agnihotra in Perth and then visit Om Shree Dham a few days before my return flight. From there on, practicing Agnihotra and reflecting on the Five-Fold Path have been such a personal shelter for me and my son, that I guess it has spread naturally in my relations…

I have been working as a (shamanic/holistic) therapist, a (Kriya) yoga teacher, an author, a cultural event and spiritual immersion producer… those kind of social interfaces where Homa Therapy could easily be introduced and where we could reach out to a new audience. A dozen of soul sisters in different areas of the country have been touched by the consciousness of the Path and have begun to practice Agnihotra very regularly, gracefully radiating in their areas. A few colleagues from the Kundalini Yoga community have also aspired to go deeper with the vision, thinking about creating a dedicated farm with cows.


I often felt that the spirit of the Vedic Fire itself was guiding me to land, to share and serve in specific ways, in time and place, beyond what I could have ever planned, organized or structured from my personal position. It has been as if sunrise and sunset Fires were creating portals of alignment and reconstruction that would blow into my reality special opportunities… in order to mix and expand the purest vibes of this ‘pranic medicine’ on Earth.


The mobile home in which Mukhande and son travel blessing the places and communities they visit with Agnihotra

A few days before the first lock down in France, March 2020, I went to visit Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. I cherish my short but blessed immersion over there. Their project of Centre of Light really resonated as a possible new point for deep human regeneration here in Europe, in the near future. I might be back there in a while… with a new rising tribe of rainbow warriors, praying strong and resolute for the rebirth of Planet Earth! In the meanwhile, I keep up day after day with the winds of transition, lighting these fires on the ashes of the residual pasts. Facing the flames I listen to nature and come back to my here and now, where all dreams come true…


Om Tryambakam Homa in the Fire Hut overlooking the vegetable garden Bhrugu Aranya, Homa Therapy Centre in Poland

Thank you for all your fires!

One Team One Heart One Mind

And thank you to the Elders of the international Homa Therapy community for their service” Mukhande, France


Madhumati: “We are really feeling the effect of Agnihotra in so many ways. Our cat in particular is mostly attuned to it and waits by the pyramid for me to do the Fire in the morning and the evenings. I noticed that today he is also sleeping beside the pyramid during the day and won’t allow our dog to get too close  (which is good because the dog is a very happy and clumsy ball of joy and would undoubtedly knock over the pyramid)


An hour after morning Agnihotra the cat is still guarding the Pyramid

“Our cat was elderly and slow but I have been putting ash in his water and he has become like a young cat again and is pouncing on blades of grass swaying in the breeze and has taken to running sideways like a young kitten on the hunt. He  previously was a cranky, hissing feisty creature that dwelled in the shed and didn’t like to socialise but has become much changed! He has decided that he loves me and climbs all over me while I do Agnihotra and rubs his cheek against me. He has even ventured into the house of his own accord and actually slept on the lounge and tried to get into my lap while I was typing on the computer. Previously he could never be persuaded to come into the house at all and he liked his own company. He was a nasty bush cat that we jokingly called “horse” like the fearsome creature in the “Footrat Flats” comics by Murray Ball. Now we need to re-think his name to something like ‘Snuggles’ or ‘Bliss Ball’.


‘Bliss Ball’ has some competition from the Rooster


Madhumati holding a mass of roses on one stem!

I am amazed at how quickly Agnihotra works. I have only been performing Agnihotra for approximately 1 month. It has beneficially impacted us, our pets and our plants. In our back yard where we perform Agnihotra on our rose bush we counted to fifty roses and then gave up. All on one stem. I think you can guess my gardening secret …….! ” Madhumati, Cessnock, Hunter Valley NSW Australia


Here are 3 experiences:

1)Ellen and Mark of Paxton, Hunter Valley, NSW Australia recently took up Agnihotra. This is their experience: “We took EMF readings for radiation in our house before we tried Agnihotra and after two Agnihotras levels went from 180 to 0.03 ( on our Wi-Fi router box). I couldn’t believe it!! Absolutely, Amazing!!!” Ellen, Paxton NSW

2)Editor, Lee Ringma: Many people are understandably concerned about the increasing exposure to EMF and its possible detrimental effect on both our environment and in our own lives. At Om Shree Dham we also had an amazing experience a few years ago related to a Power Transformer positioned a few meters from our Fire Hut where we perform daily Agnihotra and other complementary Homas such as Om Tryambakam.


Om Shree Dham Australia 2012. Here you see our Fire Hut positioned next to a power transformer

Jake Wearing a young man interested in learning about Agnihotra visited Om Shree Dham in 2012. He brought with him an EMF meter. EMF meter registers 0 at our Fire hut despite it being next to a Power Transformer.


Jake with EMF meter registering 0


Close up of meter registering zero EMF between Fire Hut and power transformer


Approx. 50 meters away from our Fire hut, under power lines, the meter is registering  low level EMF.


Jake is still standing under the power lines, 50 meters away from the Fire hut, holding a glass of Agnihotra ash water above the meter. EMF meter reading plunges to near zero in proximity to ash water. This also takes place when Frits or I (Agnihotris) walk close to the meter. It moves down towards zero.

3)Very recently I had another experience of the power of Agnihotra to neutralise the detrimental effects of lengthy exposure to Wi-Fi. A close friend who daily works long hours on computer monitors was visiting us. I sat next to him one evening to watch a documentary. I was shocked to pick up on the disturbed state of his electro- magnetic field and nervous system. Both were literally jerking haphazardly everywhere throughout the body and in the field around his body. There was a dramatic absence of stillness and relaxation- just chaotic spasms and jerks. It was frightening. He had no idea – to him this was his normal state.

A couple of days later he came into the Agnihotra hut at sunset and decided there and then to perform Agnihotra. About 3 days after that I again sat next to him and to my utter astonishment and relief his energy field and nervous system had normalised by about 85%. There was a relative stillness and smoothness within. I was elated at the power and rapidity of Agnihotra to effect healing. Editor Lee Ringma, Om Shree Dham, Hunter Valley Australia



Our magnificent bull Rama at Om Shree Dham

GHEE for the purposes of Homa Therapy must be cow’s ghee only. NB. Many commercial ghees, despite being labelled 100% pure cow’s ghee, have been shown in laboratory tests to be buffed up with other oils, both vegetable and even animal fats. This is not only unsuitable for Homa Therapy but can have a detrimental effect on the atmosphere.

For this reason we recommend one makes one’s own ghee from unsalted butter. Organic product is best.

If your only option is to purchase readymade ghee we recommend you choose Australian or NZ brands as most of the dairies in these counties are cow dairies as opposed to having a mixture of cow, goat and buffalo which is often the case in India and some Asian countries.

NZ or Australian manufactured ghee should be OK if it says all dairy is sourced from Australia and NZ.  Stay away from brands that state that the dairy is sourced from Australia/NZ as well as overseas sources. There also must be no additives to the ghee such as salt.

A reliable Australian brand is Allowrie ghee and also Sol ghee which is often found in organic grocery stores or can be purchased on–line. Sol ghee is available as an organic product. It also comes non–organic and the latter is therefore more affordable for some. https://www.solorganics.com.au/


How to make your own ghee

See Agnihotra Information Manual that comes with your Agnihotra Kit on how to make ghee. It is a simple process.


Homa Therapy Teaching Centre and Homa Organic Farm, Australasia

Services provided by Om Shree Dham

Information and Supplies for Homa Therapy. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products   Copper pyramids and copper tools for Homa Therapy are made at Om Shree Dham in Homa atmosphere. Everyday cow dung is collected from our 2 resident Brahman cows to make dung patties for Homa Therapy.


Extra thick gauge copper pyramids for Homa Therapy

Zoom invitation to answer your queries about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.


Agnihotra Australia is inviting you to an Agnihotra workshop on Zoom every Fri fortnight. (unless otherwise stated by email)

The next Zoom workshop is 22nd of January 7.00 PM.

Start : 7pm Australian Eastern time

Duration: Approx. 1 hour,

Topic: Agnihotra –Introduction and Q&A

For other Time Zones the time is:

W.A. Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Bali, China – 4.00pm

SA- 6.30pm

India- 1.30pm

New Zealand- 9.00pm

Western Europe – 9.00am

Hong Kong, Vietnam- 4.00pm

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 404 1185

Passcode: 2z73br

Accommodation at Om Shree Dham – Caravan or BYO tent or mobile home. For those who wish to imbibe Agnihotra and Homa Therapy into their lives as well as benefit from a healing and transformational Homa Biosphere created over a 30 year period. Contact us- info@agnihotra.com.au

Learn how to perform Agnihotra and other Homas  – People are welcome to drop in half an hour before sunrise or sunset Agnihotra to experience the healing transformative atmosphere and to witness how it is performed. Phone first so we can let you know the Agnihotra times and our availability. 02-49981332


Kent from Northern NSW performing Agnihotra at Om Shree Dham and enjoying the deep meditation it can facilitate

New Demonstration video of how to perform Agnihotra –https://youtu.be/fIAs61GVH0Y

Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa –  https://youtu.be/7ZgeZkB8I18

NB Regular practice of Agnihotra creates a biosphere full of Prana and micro- nutrients in perfect balance. This provides the foundation for performing the other Homas in Homa Therapy such as Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa. These derive their potency of effectiveness from the foundation that ongoing regular practice of Agnihotra creates.

Om Tryambakam Homa cannot attract the flood of Prana. This can only be attracted through sunrise and sunset Agnihotra practice.

Om Tryambakam Homa fortifies the Homa biosphere with more nutrition, fragrance and heightened vibration from the ongoing mantras being broadcast through the Homa. Om Tryambakam Homa is also a wonderful aid to purifying the mind, helping one to go into the witness state, leading to equilibrium and peace.

Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham – Most Sundays from 11am to 1pm we have small gatherings here where we meditate, sing devotional songs and read inspired texts. All welcome. Please ring to confirm your attendance. 02-49981332



Vyahruti Homa, meditation with Lingams, Crystal bowl sounding, singing uplifting songs,  mandala drawing are some of the activities at Satsang

Outreach through Free Workshops and Talks in person – If you are a good networker and would like to organise a workshop on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in your vicinity – contact us – info@agnihotra.com.au

We are also available as Presenters at Conferences/ Festivals, etc. Homa Therapy is always taught free of charge world-wide. We appreciate help with travel and accommodation expenses through donations.


New Agnihotris receiving instruction and performing their first Agnihotra at a workshop

Online shop. As well as supplies for Homa Therapy we specialise in providing other powerful healing tools including Narmada Lingams, Yantras, Moldavite, raw and set as pendants and superb Meru pyramid, Life Enhancing Vials, Natural Incense traditionally made. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products.


Narmada Lingams – great meditation tools. Giant Lingams for earth healing.   https://omshreedham.com.au/?post_type=product&paged=2


New Product! The Meru Pyramid

A fusion of two ancient energy devises; the pyramid and the Shree Yantra

Energise and cleanse jewellery, crystals, essences, etc

For healing and balancing – Place Yantra underneath and pyramid on top of chakra or area of body.

Enhances meditation. https://omshreedham.com.au/?post_type=product&paged=2


Beautiful Copper Crystal Yantra Pendant, handcrafted at Om Shree Dham. https://omshreedham.com.au/?product=copper-and-clear-quartz-yantra-pendant


Life Enhancing Set

A most powerfully transformative healing tool. Contains highly charged meteorite collected from a planetary energy centre and the essence of Agnihotra Fires, charged in Homa atmosphere. The copper vials, when held in both hands, quickly and tangibly clear, balance and uplift. Can create deep meditative states. As well helps one to sleep while in a protective cocoon. Placed on either side of food, cleaning agents, paint, medications, etc. items are purified energetically and brought into a more life-friendly state. Many energetic healers and people in general who might normally not feel subtle energy so easily, are deeply moved by the healing energy-field created by these ‘Tools of Grace’. https://omshreedham.com.au/?product=life-enhancing-kit

Work Exchange at Om Shree Dham – We are welcoming skilled volunteers to help us with the farming and building. Once the Retreat Centre is built we will be holding various courses here related to Homa Organic Farming, Homa Therapy Teacher Training, and much more. Contact us if you wish to give a hand. info@agnihotra.com.au



Arnauld, Work Exchanger from France enjoying the peaceful nature at OSD


The new Retreat Centre in progress

Contacts for Agnihotra Supplies in NZ, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia

New Zealand

Darryl Sang, Auckland, darryl@sang.co.nz


Ajuntha Anwari, ajuntha.anwari@gmail.com


Pamela Fernandez, pamela_g_fernandez@yahoo.com

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Soh Wee Hock,  whsoh58@gmail.com

May there be Love, peace and healthy environments for all,

Frits, Lee, Ana, Karen and Joy


‘A nonprofit Association for Homa Therapy education and support to create vital, peaceful environments and people’

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Ph.: 0
2-49981332  Ph. Int +(61) 249981332

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