Agnihotra at the Homa Center, ‘Zenaida,’ Playa de Vinces, Ecuador

Agnihotra practice at sunrise and sunset at the Homa Center "Zenaida" in the small village, Playa de Vinces, directed by the Carriel – Bustamante family.

   Amazing and miraculous experiences occur every day with the practice of Homa Therapy in these simple and devoted people.
(Please also read about their experiences in agriculture with Homa Therapy)

Photos above:
Group Agnihotra practice at the Homa Center Zenaida in a natural green and healing environment.

Photos left: Prof. Diego – in the background-, Mrs. Sofia, and her grandson Eric, during their daily discipline of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa. Eric is 3 years old and chants the Mantras almost perfectly and with focus.

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