Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation

December 24, 2020 Shree Vasant
(Message received through Parvati)

Set aside time every day for this practice of Meditation, during which you begin with focus and concentration on a single point, a sound, a Mantra or simply on your breath. 

 Concentration should be an attempt to remain in a one-pointed focused state without being distracted by outside noises or inside thought patterns.

This leads quite naturally into the state of contemplation. The breath begins to slow down. People often comment that the repetition of Mantra or Holy Name seems to go more on automatic. The Mantra rises and leads you.
After some time, body and mind unite in a state we call Meditation.
Breathing is slowed down even more.
A profound state of awareness can result.
Sometimes you may not reach that meditative state during which peace prevails and the mind is fully calm and peaceful. Whatever you are able to reach is fine. Always accept your own efforts as being more than sufficient. Always give yourself positive assurance that you are moving in the right direction.
You will find it easier and easier to usher in that state of meditation, especially those of you practicing regularly morning and evening Agnihotra. At these times, the energies are at their greatest peak. The fire taps into the natural flow of Nature, the current which pulsates through all of Nature.
Agnihotra is the best material aid for meditation there is.
The key.

All love and blessings.

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