Agnihotra Workshops at Homa Farm in Tenjo, Colombia

Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez  wrote from her Homa Farm in Tenjo:
           "Every Monday, at 5pm, we offer the basic workshops on how to perform the Homa fires, as well as how to prepare medicines with the Agnihotra ash and how to use this healing ash in our daily lives. With this knowledge we are able to fill all the space of our material, mental and emotional life with the harmonizing Homa energy."

     Above photos show the encounter with Master Jairo Palchucan and his ancestral healing music. 
     "We also have many other activities such as baking bread (photo below left – with Sebastian); weekly women’s meetings with grandmother Colibri; lectures and practice of different types of self-help, etc.
          All activities start with a Vyahruti Homa.
We also invite Agnihotra practitioners for the full and new moon Tryambakam Homa which we start usually at sunrise Agnihotra and end with sunset Agnihotra.

Our shop with products from the Homa farm, Agnihotra supplies, etc.  and our doors are always open to serve…

      Allow me to invite you to reflect on the following: Every day our mind is filled with catastrophic and sad information and this makes us feel hopeless and helpless. We always ask and convince ourselves with the phrase: "But what can I do? … NOTHING."  And forget again and again that we have in our hands the MOST POWERFUL TOOL to help the planet in every aspect, in every corner, in every circumstance:  AGNIHOTRA!     
         It was given to us exactly for this time and is designed for this historic moment on Earth. All we are asked for is a few minutes a day, a tiny sacrifice in the morning and evening, for the good of all; without leaving the house, without bragging, without deep wisdom, a simple Mantra and an easy technique well done, and we’ve accomplished more than a thousand tanks, a 100,000 soldiers and many nuclear bombs …
In this sense I invite you to return to the practice of the Homa Fires NOW, tomorrow might be too late."

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