Homa Therapy News – Australian and International, April 2021


Homa Therapy News – April 2021

  • Ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa at Tapovan India 20 year anniversary
  • Incidence of Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa alleviating crime rate.
  • Organising Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa to help the community during Covid
  • About Om Tryambakam Homa and the other Homas in Homa Therapy
  • Barren Mango trees producing abundant fruit after 1 year of Agnihotra and biodiversity majorly increased
  • Positive changes in our environment after a few months of Agnihotra
  • Facilitating extraordinary change in a short period of time
  • Zoom Agnihotra Workshops every Friday fortnight at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Demonstration of how to perform Agnihotra
  • Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa
  • Contacts for Homa Therapy in NZ, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines



Bruce Johnson performing Vyahruti Homa to mark the 20 year anniversary

 Our Australian Homa Therapy colleagues, Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey have been sharing Homa Therapy and especially Homa Organic farming throughout India for more than 25 years. They run a Homa Therapy Centre called Tapovan in a remote area of Maharashtra. On 25 March 2001 a ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa was initiated for planetary healing. This extraordinary effort has continued day and night for 20 years.


 Lama Vajra, formerly known as a Sadhatissa, was introduced to Agnihotra approximately 25 years ago. Running a Buddhist Centre in Perth he immediately added Agnihotra to the daily practices. At the time in the suburb of Fremantle in Perth Western Australia the community was being terrorised by a serial murderer/rapist. Sadhatissa decided to act by performing publicly Agnihotra in Fremantle park followed by a vigil of ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa. It was announced publicly and many people came to witness sunset Agnihotra including the local police. The following morning the police came up to Sadhatissa and said: “Mate, we do not understand what you are doing but we would like you to know that never in the history of the police force in Fremantle has the crime rate been so low as it was last night.”

Lama Vajra in front of Agnihotra Fire


 Zanetta from Northern NSW: “Dear friends, I’d like to offer the following inspiration – Well, it started with the whole Covid lockdown- basically no go to gather in public places, so I thought OK – ‘Community at Home, Sunset Agnihotra’, who is in? It was definitely a great way to feel the circle .

Slowly, off and on, it became possible  to either gather at the community gardens in Mullumbimby, or each at home for Sunset Agnihotra, or both.

Performing Agnihotra at the Mullumbimby Community Vegetable gardens

Lately I’ve been aiming to anchor Tuesday Sunset Agnihotra, Circle of Healing Fires – to promote the power of sacred healing Fire……….. wherever people are, and to also feel the support of the extended Fire circle.

It’s because I reckon we all really need fire in our lives – for me it’s essential – Agnihotra brings everything together and It cleans up our aura and gives back to nature  – It brings relief, healing and inspiration, the warmth of love and safety and clarity.

A couple of times there has been a world event or global meditation, or just recently celebrating a 20 year around the clock Om Tryambakam Homa in Tapovan India Coinciding, I’ve organised a far reaching circle of friends to connect and co- create a seamless 12 hour Om Tryambakam Homa – getting our time differences correct , and lighting up five minutes before our one hour time slot with Vyahruti Homa first, then on the hour continuing with Om Tryambakam Homa, each of us taking turns for our hour, even though we are countries apart !!

It has been an amazing telepathic experience each time, quite surprising and very confirming of our invisible web of connection.

I recommend to everyone who are living in countries where the restrictions are still on- get on the phone and get the roster going- it’s a wonderful  experience of friendship and healing and community.

May inspiration and love and healing flow to all.

And may the sacred Fires burn bright in our homes and our communities.” Zanetta


Shree Vasant Paranjpe brought Agnihotra to the West as per instructions by his teacher Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, India. He later developed and introduced Homa Therapy to the world as a means to help our ailing planet and humanity by resetting the cycles and biorhythms of nature, facilitating a healthy pollution free environment and giving a powerfully effective means of purifying and uplifting the mind.

Agnihotra is the pivotal practice of Homa Therapy. It is the only Homa that can harvest or attract the flood of Prana (life force) that inundates the atmosphere at sunrise. It is this Prana saturating the atmosphere, that provides nature with the energy to bring herself back into balance, vitalizing and ridding the atmosphere of pollution, toxins and stress. There are 2 other main Homas in Homa Therapy, namely Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa. They add more heightened vibration, fragrance and nutrition to the biosphere thereby fortifying the Prana-filled atmosphere created by twice daily Agnihotra. Agnihotra being the hub of the wheel so to speak, potentizing the other Homas as they are then performed in a Prana-imbued atmosphere rather than in a Prana- depleted and distorted atmosphere.

Frits Ringma performing Vyahruti Homa

For individuals, Om Tryambakam Homa is also a great help in naturally creating the witness state in the mind. This reveals our habit patterns, positive and negative, helping one to deal with and heal deep-seated issues. With the pressure in the atmosphere created by all sorts of pollution, including stress, etc. it is recommended that people do daily Agnihotra and 1 hour of Om Tryambakam Homa simply for mind-maintenance and wellbeing. However keep in mind that we cannot perform Om Tryambakam Homa to replace Agnihotra. Always give Agnihotra priority: Om Tryambakam Homa is more like an additional Homa.

In Homa Organic farming Om Tryambakam Homa is performed several hours a day. This fortifies the Homa biosphere with micro-nutrients and heightened vibration helping crops to be more healthy, highly nutritious and tasty.

At Homa Therapy Centres around the world, Agnihotra is performed twice daily and several hours of Om Tryambakam Homa taken in turns. On new moons and Full moons the aim is to conduct 24 hour ceaseless om Tryambakam Homa or as many hours as possible as service to the community by imbuing the atmosphere with positive energy.

The ultimate service is to perform Agnihotra daily and ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa as is being performed in Tapovan India. There has also been a 17 year ceaseless Om Tryambakam Homa performed in Baltimore, US.

Tapovan, India, celebrating 20 years of continuous Om Tryambakam Homa

Bruce Johnson left and Sarvajit Paranjpe right, standing in front of the Yajnya Shala- Fire Hut.


This video was filmed on location at Om Shree Dham Homa Therapy Centre, NSW, Australia.  https://youtu.be/7ZgeZkB8I18



Samaya and Lama Vajra, top left, attending the Agnihotra workshop we conducted recently in Northern NSW

Samaya: “Agnihotra facilitated a profound transformation of environment in our last sanctuary. A once barren hilltop with non-producing fruit trees and dry stony soil, turned into what could only be described as Eden-like, within 1 year. After the first year, the mango tree which had not fruited in years (according to neighbours) offered a magnificent bounty of hundreds of ripe, plump, yellow fruits. The local mango trees, within 800m or so around our house were the same, whilst elsewhere in the suburb, the trees were barren. Hello to dehydrated mango and plenty of chutney!

Birds, possums, snakes and even frogs found their way into the backyard. Particularly worth mentioning, the brown striped rocket frog, who, arrived with his entire family to our backyard pond, and would sing his merry song each evening as we lit the fire. A great rarity in the suburban sprawl of Brisbane.

(Agnihotra was performed most days and Agnihotra ash sprinkled around the property.)


Almeda Peer – Strathalbyn, SA

As soon as I heard about this practice from my Bowen Therapist, I knew I wanted to be of service to this 2 and a bit acre land, of which we are custodians and all its vegetation, the animals that live here and also those who visit, and to our neighbours. I started middle of December 2020 with only the sunset Agnihotra and at first, I made a lot of mistakes, for example offering with the left-hand or absent-mindedly forgetting to offer the rice whilst enjoying the chant. Despite this, the changes were almost immediate and very exciting. I want to preface this testimonial by saying that this property we live on just beyond the Adelaide Hills has proved challenging to say the least – windswept with no windbreaks, overgrazed, bare, unfertile and eroded soil and worst of all, over sprayed with Glyphosate; a place where soil has seemingly forgotten how to be soil. Here are my observations:

1)      Our rescue dog who has some issues was more at peace, as was our rooster

2)      When the first summer heat comes, my plants are more susceptible to insect attack, and December was no exception. The insects were wreaking havoc to my citrus trees, roses and liriopes. After applying Agnihotra ash, these plants recovered beautifully with strong new growth, and much to my delight, the insects stopped munching

Incorporating Agnihotra ash with planting seedlings

3)      The plants in line with the smoke are all looking so healthy

4)      To my surprise, the house flies reduced substantially, even though we have chickens and neighbours have cows and horses. I wish I could say the same for mosquitoes!

5)      A lovely benefit was how birds will come land close to me while I am in the garden and ants will mill over my feet without biting me

6)      I believe that the buffer I have created with Agnihotra against EMF radiation, has unfortunately made me much more aware of the radiation when I go out, so I know it is working here at our home

I look forward to ongoing benefits as I continue this practice at dawn and dusk, especially to our soil.”

Kind regards,

Almeda Peer – Strathalbyn, SA


Byron, Grace and children, Agnes Waters QLD.

Grace and Byron, left bottom, at the Agnihotra workshop Northern NSW

Grace: “Byron and I were introduced to Agnihotra through Lee and Frits at the Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre in New South Wales. Though Byron had been in knowing of the practice since a very young age, I knew nothing about it and neither of us had experienced a Fire.

At this point in our journey, Byron had just felt called to move up to Agnes Water QLD, a point where the “Original Wounds” had been inflicted on the land and people via the arrival of Western culture in unawareness. He felt to be ‘In Service’ and available for the healing that is to take place there as well as being in service to a great vortex of energy that is over the Bay in that region.

He moved up in faith, with us understanding that there would not be available space for our children in the schools that they needed to attend until next year.

And so, I settled into a new way of living, with my husband working 5 hours north, with both of our high functioning autistic children. Within that first week my Agnihotra kit arrived, and while Byron waited until late February to begin practicing in Agnes, I felt drawn to start straight away.

Our daughter Alanah readying for Agnihotra

On my very first Fire it was as if I felt an anchor in my body and a ‘vacuum’ into the fire, whereby everything that was ‘Not’ was simply taken away in a few minutes. In my life I have always dwelled in the awareness of Spirit with God, but my body and psyche has suffered illness and static – indeed my hormones had been so imbalanced for the past 7 years, that I had been ready to spend thousands of dollars with specialists just to have functional peace.

Even as I booked the appointments, Spirit said, “Wait”. And so I did.

That same week, the Agnihotra fire and consumption of the Ash water gave me such a sense of balance (including hot flashes going entirely away), that I’m forever thankful that I did not pursue that longer process of physical balance and was allowed such a miraculous ‘reset’ instead.

My children began drinking ash water daily and the mental/emotional balance it has lent them has greatly exceeded the sum of all of the other natural therapies we have sought this last ten years.

Flying foxes began swooping down into our yard during evening Agnihotra and the wildlife began just hanging out for the windows of sunset. Even the mosquitos began just sitting still on my altar board after the mantra was spoken as if they were suspended in time. Tawny Frogmouth sit in our trees and in my heart I hear the message to ‘Be in and not of the World’, reaffirming that we are on the True path. It has all been so cool to experience, but the Space and Peace was the best of all. Finally I am feeling reality in a way my heart knew was possible my whole life.


Tawny Frogmouth sitting in our trees

Towards the end of that first week, I felt such a clarity. As I opened a huge beautiful avocado one evening, the seed pretty much sang out to me, a new experience to say the least. I could feel that it wanted to grow and so I searched how to start it. The solution was to use large toothpicks and suspend it in water. It had just rained outside and I had a water collection bucket close to where my pyramid is set up, so I got some water and facilitated the seed. As I passed my pyramid, I felt to gather a pinch of ash to add to the jar, and so I did. It wasn’t until the following week that I understood the miraculous nature of what transpired, as I’d never tried to start an avocado tree before. I set the seed at about 7pm suspended in the ash water, and the next morning at 9am, it had cracked open and there, on the bottom was a tiny new tap root.

Avocado seed after first day

After 3 weeks

My friend who had sprouted many told me that avocado seeds usually take about 2-3 weeks for opening and new growth to occur! I’ve included a picture of both the overnight transformation and the seed at 3 weeks growth (the typical time of opening) in regularly changed rain and ash water.  I still smile so big at this baby tree now, growing like crazy. I cannot wait to plant it in the ground and joyously receive the fruits of what I’m calling our AgniCado tree 😊

On Byron’s end, once he was led up to Agnes Water, he was led to set up an altar for service to Agnes, 1770 and to the Bay. He was gifted an Andara wand (a special type of stone like crystal) which was then energetically connected to the Bay. He waited until the evening before his 44th birthday in February to begin lighting the Agnihotra fires, but once he did.. oh my. 

He would sit for Agnihotra at his rented space with the altar containing sand from the Bay and the Andara crystal. He collected the Agnihotra ash from the Fires and took it down to the water, releasing it in 3 locations, one for the Bay, one for the Life there (humans/plants/animals) and one for thanks to God. His story is full of synchronicities that opened up so quickly and stories of energetic alignment, but let’s just say that within six weeks on the ground and a few days of Agnihotra Fires, his landlord saw how much greener the area around his space was becoming, found favor in him and connected him with another woman local to the area. Her and her husband had purchased a home that they intend to retire in eventually. Byron was aligned with and offered a long term lease on their property for the Healing Center he felt led to open, all with zero effort. And let me tell you, the space is not only perfect and brilliant, but the people are so supportive of the vision and there is no ‘resistance’ to speak of!

Healing crystals amongst Agnihotra. Agnihotra augments the healing attributes of crystals and other Power objects


We are so excited to anchor Agnihotra into our new spaces and then move into and include the other Homa fires. The fluidity of this practice has changed everything in our lives for the better so quickly. In fact, the kids and I will be moving up to Agnes in three weeks because the alternative school we had hoped to have our daughter in by next year miraculously restructured their classes and has enough openings to accommodate not only their wait list but her as well, starting this next term!

There was a proper rental that we were told was taken and yet it seems today like we will get offered it this week as well. And it all just keeps flowing as we surrender and stay faithful to our Agnihotra practice.

There are so many more details to share about the unique people who are showing up as well as budding opportunities which are all flowing when we had worked the last 4 years to accomplish and had always hit walls before, but let us stop here for now.

To anyone feeling daunted about the ‘learning curve’ to participating in this beautiful practice, let me encourage you it is 10,000 fold worth the effort of the learning.”




Our magnificent bull Rama at Om Shree Dham

GHEE for the purposes of Homa Therapy must be cow’s ghee only. NB. Many commercial ghees, despite being labelled 100% pure cow’s ghee, have been shown in laboratory tests to be buffed up with other oils, both vegetable and even animal fats. This is not only unsuitable for Homa Therapy but can have a detrimental effect on the atmosphere.

For this reason we recommend one makes one’s own ghee from unsalted butter. If possible, Organic product is the best.

If your only option is to purchase readymade ghee we recommend you choose Australian or NZ brands as most of the dairies in these countries are cow dairies as opposed to having a mixture of cow, goat and buffalo which is often the case in India and some Asian countries.

NZ or Australian manufactured ghee should be OK if it says all dairy is sourced from Australia and NZ.  Stay away from brands that state that the dairy is sourced from Australia/NZ as well as overseas sources. There also must be no additives to the ghee such as salt.

A reliable Australian brand is Allowrie ghee and also Sol ghee which is often found in organic grocery stores or can be purchased on–line. Sol ghee is available as an organic product. It also comes non–organic and the latter is therefore more affordable for some. https://www.solorganics.com.au/


How to make your own ghee

See Agnihotra Information Manual that comes with your Agnihotra Kit on how to make ghee or email us for simple instructions. It is a simple process.


Homa Therapy Teaching Centre and Homa Organic Farm, Australasia

Services provided by Om Shree Dham

Information and Supplies for Homa Therapy. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products   Copper pyramids and copper tools for Homa Therapy are made at Om Shree Dham in Homa atmosphere. Everyday cow dung is collected from our 2 resident Brahman cows to make dung patties for Homa Therapy.


Extra thick gauge copper pyramid for Homa Therapy

Zoom invitation to answer your queries about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.


Agnihotra Australia is inviting you to an Agnihotra workshop on Zoom every Fri fortnight. (unless otherwise stated by email)

The next Zoom workshop is Frid 23rd of April 7.00 PM.

Start : 7pm Australian Eastern time

Duration: Approx. 1 hour,

Topic: Agnihotra –Introduction and Q&A

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 404 1185

Passcode: 2z73br

For other Time Zones the local time will be:

W.A. Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Bali, China – 5.00pm

Japan 6.00 pm

S.A.- 6.30pm

India- 2.30pm

New Zealand- 9.00pm

Western Europe – 11.00am

Accommodation at Om Shree Dham – Caravan or BYO tent or mobile home. For those who wish to imbibe Agnihotra and Homa Therapy into their lives as well as benefit from a healing and transformational Homa Biosphere created over a 30 year period. Contact us- info@agnihotra.com.au

Learn how to perform Agnihotra and other Homas  – People are welcome to drop in half an hour before sunrise or sunset Agnihotra to experience the healing transformative atmosphere and to witness how it is performed. Phone or email first so we can let you know the Agnihotra times and our availability. 02-49981332

Gaurav performing his first Agnihotra and Bernie enjoying Homa atmosphere at Om Shree Dham

New Demonstration video of how to perform Agnihotra –https://youtu.be/fIAs61GVH0Y

Demonstration of how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa –  https://youtu.be/7ZgeZkB8I18

NB Regular practice of Agnihotra creates a biosphere full of Prana and micro- nutrients in perfect balance. This provides the foundation for performing the other Homas in Homa Therapy such as Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa. These derive their potency of effectiveness from the foundation that ongoing regular practice of Agnihotra creates.

Om Tryambakam Homa cannot attract the flood of Prana. This can only be attracted through sunrise and sunset Agnihotra practice.

Om Tryambakam Homa fortifies the Homa biosphere with more nutrition, fragrance and heightened vibration from the ongoing mantras being broadcast through the Homa. Om Tryambakam Homa is also a wonderful aid to purifying the mind, helping one to go into the witness state, leading to equilibrium and peace.

Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham – Most Sundays from 11am to 1pm we have small gatherings here where we meditate, sing devotional songs and read inspired texts. All welcome. Please ring to confirm your attendance. 02-49981332


Vyahruti Homa, meditation with Lingams, Crystal bowl sounding, singing uplifting songs,  mandala drawing are some of the activities at Satsang

Outreach through Free Workshops and Talks in person

If you are a good networker and would like to organise a workshop on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in your vicinity – contact us – info@agnihotra.com.au

We are also available as Presenters at Conferences/ Festivals, etc. Homa Therapy is always taught free of charge world-wide. We appreciate help with travel and accommodation expenses through donations.

Agnihotra workshop; New Agnihotris receiving instruction and experienced Agnihotris refining their practice

Online shop. As well as supplies for Homa Therapy we specialise in providing other powerful healing tools including Narmada Lingams, Yantras, Moldavite, raw and set as pendants and superb Meru pyramid, Life Enhancing Vials, Natural Incense traditionally made. See www.agnihotra.com.au/Products.


Narmada Lingams – great meditation tools. Giant Lingams for earth healing.  



New Product! The Meru Pyramid

A fusion of two ancient energy devises; the pyramid and the Shree Yantra

Energise and cleanse jewellery, crystals, essences, etc.

For healing and balancing – Place Yantra underneath and pyramid on top of chakra or area of body.

Enhances meditation. https://omshreedham.com.au/?post_type=product&paged=2


Beautiful Copper Crystal Yantra Pendant, handcrafted at Om Shree Dham.



Life Enhancing Set

A most powerfully transformative healing tool. Contains highly charged meteorite collected from a planetary energy centre and the essence of Agnihotra Fires, charged in Homa atmosphere. The copper vials, when held in both hands, quickly and tangibly clear, balance and uplift. Can create deep meditative states. As well helps one to sleep while in a protective cocoon. Placed on either side of food, cleaning agents, paint, medications, etc. items are purified energetically and brought into a more life-friendly state. Many energetic healers and people in general who might normally not feel subtle energy so easily, are deeply moved by the healing energy-field created by these ‘Tools of Grace’. https://omshreedham.com.au/?product=life-enhancing-kit

Work Exchange at Om Shree Dham – We are welcoming skilled volunteers to help us with the farming and building. Once the Retreat Centre is built we will be holding various courses here related to Homa Organic Farming, Homa Therapy Teacher Training, and much more. Contact us if you wish to give a hand. info@agnihotra.com.au


Laura and Bernie giving a hand at Om Shree Dham, blissing out in the garden


The new Retreat Centre in progress

Contacts for Agnihotra Supplies in NZ, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia

 New Zealand

Darryl Sang, Auckland, darryl@sang.co.nz


Ajuntha Anwari, ajuntha.anwari@gmail.com


Pamela Fernandez, pamela_g_fernandez@yahoo.com

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Soh Wee Hock,  whsoh58@gmail.com

May there be Love, peace and healthy environments for all,

 Frits, Lee, Ana, Karen and Joy


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