Agnihotra at the ‘Green Parade’ Fair, Guayaquil, Ecuador

   Photos above: Sonia Hunter played the crystal bowls while Prof. Abel opened the
Green Parade Fair with a Vyahruti Homa.
  Photos below: At dusk, people were invited to participate in the Agnihotra Healing Fire. There was peace and silence. The birds also enjoyed the energy and participated with their beautiful songs.
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Agnihotra in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Mrs. Irina Kolchina wrote from Almaty, Kazakhstan:

"In Almaty, we are also doing Agnihotra! All our people send a big warm greeting; I am sending you photos where we are doing Agnihotra on September 22nd, 2018 in the mountains. At this time, a man from the United States was with us. He came with ecology projects, We showed him Agnihotra. We are spreading the knowledge of Agnihotra in Almaty.
With love, Irina.

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