Manisha Seenarain, Notre Dame, Mauritius, Africa

(Photo: Mrs. Manisha Seenarain, her husband,
their three daughters and mother-in-law
in front of Agnihotra healing fire.)

Mrs. Manisha Seenarain
Notre Dame, Mauritius, Africa

      First of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Shruti and Mr. Janardhun from the bottom of my heart for the light they have brought to our lives in the name of Agnihotra…

     Everything was upside down in my house due to the fact that my husband was deeply dependent on alcohol.

    He was drinking too much all day and night, neglecting his responsibilities at home. He had no desire to work and could not handle any of the problems that came up.

     My children were traumatised with the situation and their grades in school were decreasing.

        My husband’s liver was weakening and he was getting ill frequently. We had brought him to many medical centers and doctors but in vain. We were losing hope. He still continued to drink without moderation.

         One day, Mr. Janardhun, my husband’s uncle, called me and was asking about my husband’s health. There I explained him our situation at home. He proposed me to start Agnihotra Homa, but I did not believe in what he told me about Agnihotra. So, I just said ‘yes’ to him and that I would do the Homa.

        But the very next day my husband got so ill that he was admitted to hospital treatment and the same afternoon I started doing Agnihotra at home, morning and evening. From that day on, everything started to change positively. My husband then also started to practice Agnihotra with all the members of my family.

           It has been one and a half month that we are doing Agnihotra. Everything returned to ‘normal’ in our life and my husband put a full stop to drinking alcohol.

      Once more thank you all for helping me with my problem and I will continue to do Agnihotra.

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