YAJNYA effects are Now Amplified

         YAJNYA effects are now amplified. Fifteen minutes of Yajnya is completely rejuvenating and the healing effects of Yajnya and Agnihotra are now amplified to the highest degree. You will notice change in the atmosphere instantly after fire is done.>

       Efficiency in action is Yoga. Whether the work is small or big, with every event a unit of time is consumed. That means a chunk of your life is bitten off. Do you want this to be spent efficiently or wasted? With one-pointed attention you are more likely to bring efficiency.

        If you believe Agnihotra to be beneficial and you do not mind practicing Daan but Tapa you don’t want, then you will get benefits from practice of Agnihotra and practice of Daan. However, without TAPA one cannot rise higher. But this is the person’s choice. That is ‘you take what you like and leave the rest’ adage. However do not then expect benefits to come from what was the rest you left.

           Of course Agnihotra is at the base. This is the science. Then many are practicing this ancient Vedic healing fire and reaping great benefits. Many are practicing other meditation disciplines following their own Guru or teachings from their own religion. So they will get benefits from Agnihotra if they practice it regularly as well as benefits from whatever other disciplines they may choose to follow. Agnihotra need not conflict with any path or spiritual teachings of any kind. Do Agnihotra and actual benefits from the teachings will be made stronger because Agnihotra cleans the mind.

       Mantra is the key. Forget everything else. Mantra is everything. Then home, marriage, work all become a joy and so simple. What seems complicated now becomes terribly simple. You will laugh at it later on. If you practise Mantra with great intensity Grace will abound. When you are feeling sad do the Mantra intensely. Mantra, all the time Mantra. Then everything changes.

      Listen to the Fire. It is strong.

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