Homa Therapy Presentation in Amalner, Maharashtra, India

    In the town of Amalner, the devoted Agnihotri couple, Eng. Dilip Patil and his wife Prerana, (photo below) organized several Homa Therapy presentations. One of them was in the home of Mrs. Nilima and her husband Rajesh Sonkusare, who have experienced wonderful healing results.

        Bruce Johnson from Tapovan explained to the newcomers the correct practice of Agnihotra. Aleta taught the Mantras. And Abel Hernandez inquired about the health problems of the assistants, showed testimonials and videos of South America, where hundreds of people practice this scientific healing technique. This family offered to share Agnihotra with anyone interested.
   We also had the company of Elinor, visiting from Australia and Kailash from Tapovan.
(photos from the Agnihotra gathering)

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