Tapovan Celebrates 14 Years of 24 Hour Om Tryambakam Homa

      In Tapovan, the 24-hour Om Tryambakam Homa has continued for 14 years. This is unique.

At this time, Tapovan is the only place on the planet where this is happening.

This is not only GOOD  for Tapovan; it is also good for the whole planet. As Bruce said in his short talk, the effort is big, but it is shared and everyone working and living in Tapovan contributes so this can happen.
It is a great example of team work for others to follow…

Tapovan is one of the projects of Fivefold Path Mission set up by Shree Vasant Paranjpe.

Anne Godfrey and Bruce Johnson, the devoted couple from Australia, together with Sanjay Patil and his family are the caretakers of this sacred place, where also Shree Vasant’s Ashes remain in the Mahasamadhi.

Photo above: the hut, where 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa are done daily.

            Through Anne’s Cottage Industry, Social Work with various NGOs throughout India, thousands of women have been trained and can work from their home. This is good news for a country like India!
Photo right: some of the women working in Tapovan with Anne.

Photo below right: part of the Tapovan boys, who work in the garden, field, with the cows, in the kitchen, etc.
Photo below left:Beauty has always been a strength in Tapovan. Through the Homa Fires this place has changed from a desert to a paradise with a wide variety of flowers, trees, etc.

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